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A Uintah County Deputy solves vehicle theft in Brush Creek


On 2/25/24, a vehicle theft occurred from a Ranch in Deep Creek. Deputy Mieure spoke with the complainant, who stated one of the trucks on the ranch was missing, and she believed it had been stolen.

The complainant stated she had talked with family and the ranch hands, and no one was in possession of the truck. She also said she saw a vehicle parked in the middle of the road in the general area of the ranch, but no one was around. One of the ranch hands saw a make with the vehicle around sunrise on the 24th and offered to help. The ranch hand said the driver refused any help, and the ranch hand left.

When Deputy Mieure arrived in the area, he found the abandoned vehicle and saw it was parked in the southbound lane approximately 100 yards south of where the red Ford truck was taken from the ranch.

Based on Deputy Mieure's investigation, he determined that the vehicle parked in the roadway was registered to 49-year-old George William Merrell, and the vehicle was ultimately impounded for being parked in the lane of travel. A records check of George showed he was arrested around 9:00 am on 2/24/24 for a warrant by Vernal City Officers.

According to the officer's report, George reportedly arrived at 260 West Main Street in a red Ford truck. The officer continues to state in his report that George was arrested for a warrant and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Deputy Mieure drove to 260 West Main Street and found the stolen Ford truck parked in the Northwest parking lot in front of one of the rooms. The Manager met the deputy and said she had seen George driving the red Ford truck as he came and left the property.

Sgt Hill called the jail to see if George had a Ford key in his property. Later, the jail staff informed Sgt Hill that they located a Ford key in his property at the jail. The key was retrieved and taken to the stolen truck. The key functioned with the Ford truck appropriately.

The truck was returned to the owner, who asked Deputy Mieure to search the truck to make sure there wasn't anything illegal inside. During the search, the deputy found a backpack containing a prescription bottle with George's name and a checkbook belonging to George.

The owner of the truck stated George Merrell is unknown to the family or the ranch, and he didn’t have permission to take the truck.


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