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Arrest Made Because Of Inmate Multiple Phone Calls To His Girlfriend

By Travis Uresk | Aug. 17th, 2022 | Drugs | Roosevelt, Ut. |

Roosevelt- While James Ivie is in jail for federal charges for possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, he made several calls to his girlfriend Monica Quick, telling her to hide suspicious property around the residence.

James informed Monica of a .30-30 rifle and ammunition inside the residence. He told her to kill anyone who came onto the property. In one of the phone conversations, James said, "there was a container in one of his tool boxes in a truck that if someone opened it, they would be dead."

A search warrant was granted, and a Special Agent, the FBI, and a Deputy from Duchesne Co. responded to different residence. They could not find the mysterious container but did find another rifle belonging to James Ivie, which was seized.

During the search of Ivie's home, several guns and ammunition were found along with the .30-30 rifle James mentioned in his phone conversations. Inside the bathroom of the home, the officers found almost 4 pounds of marijuana, several bongs, and other items of paraphernalia. In the bedroom where Monica was staying, officers located a shoebox with scales, baggies, and other items used for illegal packaging substances for distribution.

In Monica's purse was a bag filled with a white crystal substance in a rock-shaped form consistent with meth. When asked what was in the bag, she admitted it was meth and had used it earlier that day. Monica also stated that she had been binge drinking alcohol most of the day.

During the search, the officers also found several large swords, hatchets and other illegal items for Ivie to have in his possession due to his category II restricted person status.

Monica was placed under arrest and taken to Duchesne County Jail.

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