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Another jail cell gets flooded by the same Inmate from a few days before


UCJ- On 1/8/24, at approximately 3:30 pm, Deputy Hammack was working the booking area of the Uintah County Jail (UCJ) when he received radio traffic calling for all officers to Isolation Cell 2.

Inmate 35-year-old Cort R Warren was occupying the cell. When the Deputies arrived, a substantial amount of water was coming from under the cell room into the day room of the section. There was also the sound of rushing water coming from Cort's cell.

Looking through the cell door window, the Deputies could see that the fire sprinklers had been triggered somehow and were flooding the cell.

Deputy Hammack opened the cuffport door, and Deputy Sibley placed Inmate Warren into handcuffs. Warren was escorted to a different cell without incident.

Deputy Hammack started viewing video footage after Inmate Warren was placed into a different cell. While watching the video, Inmate Warren could be seen making multiple attempts to break the camera in the cell by throwing a cup at it. In his attempts to break the camera, his cup broke into several pieces.

Inmate Warren then climbs onto the sink and attempts to break the sprinkler on the cell wall. After being unable to, he climbs down, retrieves an item from his property bag, climbs back up on the sink, and again attempts to break the sprinkler. A short time later, the sprinkler gets activated and sprays water into the cell, flooding it.

Deputy Hammack charged Inmate Warren with two counts of destruction of jail property, which is a felony 3, for intentionally breaking the fire sprinkler and flooding his cell.

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On 1/7/24, at around 6:00 am, Deputy Monsen began his shift in the booking area at the Uintah County Jail. Main Control informed Deputy Jensen that Inmate 35-year-old Cort Warren was flooding his cell.

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Kim Brown
Kim Brown
Jan 13

Sounds like someone needs to grow up. What an immature idiot.

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