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An Inmate at the Uintah County Jail flushed a shirt down the toilet to flood his cell


On 1/7/24, at around 6:00 am, Deputy Monsen began his shift in the booking area at the Uintah County Jail. Main Control informed Deputy Jensen that Inmate 35-year-old Cort Warren was flooding his cell.

Deputy Monsen arrived at the medical area of the jail along with four other Deputies. They went to Medical-4 cell, where Inmate Warren is housed, and they could smell the odor of urine. There was water/urine on the floor outside of the cell as well as inside the entire cell.

The Deputies moved Inmate Warren to an isolation cell. Deputy Monsen looked inside the cell and noticed a shirt in the toilet that Warren used to flood his cell. The Deputy also noticed the glass on the door was heavily scratched all over the top and bottom.

Deputy Monsen worked the Booking area the day before, and the scratches on the door were not there. The Deputy reviewed video footage and saw Inmate Warren in the night with some kind of object scratching the door's glass.


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