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An undercover drug operation gets a drug dealer arrested

Updated: Jan 6


Lapoint, Utah. On 1/3/23, arrangements were made to meet with a CI to purchase illegal drugs. The CI reported they could buy heroin from a male subject in Lapoint. The CI had already made other controlled buys from this male subject.

The UBNSF Agents met with the CI at a prearranged location at 2:00 pm. An Agent searched the informant's person. No money, weapons, or any controlled substances were found.

The informant was issued $300, which had been photocopied and used to purchase the narcotics. A recording device was also issued to the CI. The arranged location for the transaction was 48-year-old Jared Craig Ekker's residence at 8424 East 6000 North, in Lapoint.

At 3:00 pm, the UBNSF agents left the location, drove near Jared's residence, and stopped East of his home. The CI exited his vehicle and walked to Jared's residence while the agents watched and waited.

At 3:44 pm, the buy was complete, and the CI walked away from Jared's home and East on 6000 North. The agents picked up the CI and debriefed the informant. The CI reported that they had made contact with Jared at his home. Once in contact with Jared, the CI was instructed by Jared to enter a trailer to speak with Jared's girlfriend. They entered the trailer, and the CI paid Jared $300.

In return, the CI received a small red baggie containing heroin, and this item was released to one of the Agents.

Uintah Basin Narcotic Agents made contact with Jared at his residence in Lapoint, where he admitted to selling heroin and meth but stated he had stopped selling those drugs about two months ago.

Jared Ekker was charged with distribution of a controlled substance and one count of distribution of drug paraphernalia. The charge was enhanced as this was the second controlled buy involving Jared selling an illegal narcotic to an informant.


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