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An officer on patrol spots a male suspect wanted for a felony, suspect then runs on foot


Roosevelt, Ut. (1/4/24) Officer Arnold was patrolling Lagoon Street when he saw two individuals walking eastbound on Lagoon St. toward 600 East.

The officer believed one of them to be 45-year-old Alford J. Hicks and an unknown female. The Roosevelt Police wanted Alford for a 3rd Degree Felony. Officer Arnold drove around the block and returned to look for the pair. He located them in a parking lot at 630 East 200 North and stopped the individuals.

Alford was informed why he was being stopped due to the incident where the felony had occurred and was told to turn around and place his hands behind his back. Alford took off running eastbound, dropping and throwing items as he ran.

Officer Arnold radioed dispatch that he had one male suspect running. Arnold ran after Alford and yelled for him to stop. Alford then ran southbound on 800 East, westbound on 100 North, then southbound again on 700 East.

Around 50 North 700 East, Officer Reed pulled up and jumped out of his patrol vehicle, pulling his taser and ordering Alford to get on the ground. Alford got partially down but wouldn't fully get on the ground even after several more commands from Officer Reed to get on his stomach. Officer Arnold put his leg across Alford's torso to make sure he didn't get back up and placed him in handcuffs.

When Alford was lifted off the ground, Officer Reed searched him and found a pocket knife in his waistband. Officer Reed also found a hole punch that was suspected Alford was using as a burglary tool. He was then placed in the back of a patrol vehicle and transported to the Roosevelt Police Department.

Officer Arnold returned to where he first made contact with Alford and found all his items except a pair of pants and his glasses had been gathered up. Sgt Bird searched for the female but was unable to find her.

Due to breathing complications, Alford was taken to the UBMC ER to be medically cleared, then transported to the Duchesne County Jail to be booked on the charges of a deadly weapon by a restricted person, evading, interference with a peace officer, and possession of burglary tools, as well as the other felony charge.

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