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An intoxicated man tries running from the police but is tackled to the ground and arrested


Roosevelt. Ut.- On 8/26/23, Officer Harrison received a report at around 3:00 a.m. of a domestic at the Stone Ridge apartments. It was reported that the male subject was highly intoxicated, yelling, and causing problems.

It was also reported that he may have pushed his mother, and the male, identified as 37-year-old Aaron Jay Griffis, has had three state-wide warrants.

When Officer Harrison arrived, he walked around the side of the building when he saw a female waving him down. She was on the phone with dispatch, and while the Officer was approaching the female, Aaron came running around the corner, appearing like he was going to grab the female. At this point, Aaron saw Officer Harrison and stopped.

Officer Harrison immediately went to place Aaron in handcuffs and started to put the cuffs on him, and he yelled, "Fuck this," and pulled away and ran. Aaron was advised to stop, or he would be tased, and he continued to run.

Officer Christensen had come from the other side of the building and was able to take Aaron to the ground by force. He was ordered to get on his stomach multiple times until the Officers forced him to his stomach and cuffed his hands behind his back.

Aaron continued trying to pull his hands away from the Officers while trying to cuff him, and they had to keep telling him to stop resisting. As they took Aaron to the patrol vehicle, he shouted and screamed for the police to kill and beat him.

Officer Harrison spoke to the three witnesses, and they said that Aaron started freaking out and was playing karate in the house and couldn't hold still. His mother said he didn't push her but wouldn't leave her alone, so she called another female and asked her to come over.

When she did, Aaron grabbed her and told her to come inside the house. After Aaron continued ranting, she went outside to call the police, and Aaron followed her. She believed as the Officer was walking up, Aaron would stop her from calling the police, but the police arrived before Aaron could stop her.

When Aaron was placed in the patrol vehicle Officer Harrison could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from him, and he was showing signs of stimulant or meth use which Aaron later stated he does use sometimes.

Aaron was arrested for failing to stop at the command of a police officer, resisting arrest, intoxication, disorderly conduct, and the three state-wide warrants for disorderly. Aaron was transported to the hospital for a medical clearance.


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