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An Elderly Roosevelt Woman Arrested For Assault


Roosevelt, Ut. (11/22/23) Cpl Barton was dispatched to a domestic dispute and was advised that the complainant called asking them to send an officer and that she was fighting with her mother and would be waiting outside.

While the officer was en route, dispatch said that things had escalated, and her mother was at the bottom of the stairs yelling at her.

Cpl Barton arrived, made contact with the complainant, and had her speak with Sgt Bird while he spoke with the mother, who was identified as 70-year-old Jo Sorensen. Cpl Barton asked Jo to tell him what happened.

Jo began telling him that she didn't want to be recorded and that her daughter didn't care and wouldn't stop recording her. Jo said they both have separate areas in the house; she stays downstairs, and her daughter stays upstairs.

Jo started talking about being recorded again and how upset it made her. Her daughter walked around with her phone, recording her. So Jo did the same thing, and when they were at the top of the stairs, Jo said her daughter grabbed her, so she had to hold the railing, and then her daughter went downstairs.

Jo said she was recording, and her daughter came upstairs and told her to leave, so Jo smacked her daughter like she was trying to push her away.

Cpl Barton spoke with Jo's daughter, and she said that she went downstairs to get her dogs, and her mother was feeding them. She tried calling her dogs to follow her upstairs. Jo began to follow her daughter, asking why she was recording her. The daughter stated that her mother followed her upstairs, started messing with her property, and then went and sat on her bed. The daughter continued to tell Jo to leave and to stop, and as she was telling her this, her mother slapped her across the face.

Cpl Barton saw that the right side of her face was red, and he photographed her injuries.

Cpl Barton told Jo she was under arrest for assault and took her to the UBMC ER for medical clearance and then transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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