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An Argument Turns To Violence After A Couple Gets Frustrated Because The Children Were Acting Up

By Travis Uresk 11/15/23

Vernal, Ut. - On 11/1/23, a third party reported a domestic incident at the Silver Pines Apartment complex. Officer Elmer arrived and met with the complainant and the victim. While speaking with both parties, the victim stated that the incident happened early in the morning after they had gotten home from trick-or-treating with her boyfriend, who was identified as 31-year-old Aaron Dee Carmickle.

Officer Elmer saw the injuries on the victim, which were caused by the incident. The victim had bruising on the inside of her arms as well as a scratch mark down her arm and a tiny cut on her hand. When they returned home, they were frustrated by how the children acted and started to argue.

The arguing escalated when the victim told Aaron she wanted to leave and momentarily placed the car keys on the hanger. Aaron grabbed the keys to keep her from taking the car due to her having been treated for a concussion earlier in the week and refused to give the victim the keys to leave.

During this time, the victim tried to get the keys away from Aaron, but he kept pushing her away.

While Officer Elmer was speaking with Aaron, he stated that the keys were in his hand and had caused the scratch on her forearm.

The victim tried to get Aaron to let go of her by kicking him, and then Aaron pushed her away, which caused her to lose her balance. While falling, she reached out to catch herself and grabbed the cupboard, causing a tiny cut on her hand. This all happened in the presence of Aaron's daughter, who was in the living room. Aaron's daughter said she heard the incident but didn't see it because she kept her eyes closed.

After speaking with Aaron on the incident, it was determined that he was the primary aggressor. Aaron was arrested and transported to Uintah County Jail, where he was charged with Domestic violence assault and Domestic Violence in the presence of a child.


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