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An argument over cheating turns into a physical fight


Roosevelt, Ut. - On 1/7/24, RCPD was dispatched to a domestic dispute at 125 West 200 South apartments. Dispatch advised that an anonymous complainant could hear both a male and female arguing and things being broken. The officers were also informed there was a baby inside the residence as well.

When Officers arrived, they could hear yelling from inside the residence. Cpl Barton entered and saw a female who came from the back of the home. She spoke with Officer Knight while Cpl Barton talked to the husband.

The husband was identified as 22-year-old Patrick Lanny Pugh. Patrick was taken to the back bedroom and asked what had happened. Patrick said he was packing his things to leave. He repeated himself several times when asked about what had occurred earlier.

Cpl Barton told Patrick that he could give them his side or they could listen to her. Patrick calmed down and began telling the officer that they began arguing, and he wanted to leave, and he and his wife started wrestling for the keys to the truck. Patrick stated that he got the keys and went into the house, and when they did, his wife hit him twice—one of them in the face.

Cpl Barton checked Patrick's face for any marks and didn't see any red marks on his face.

Cpl Barton went and spoke to the female and asked her to explain what had happened. She said that she caught Patrick cheating on her and had gotten mad and yelled at Patrick. The female said that she grabbed the keys to go for a drive, and Patrick blocked her from leaving out the front door. Patrick then threw her to the ground to get the keys to the truck.

The female said her head hit the bumper of the truck when Patrick threw her down. The female victim said she then ran inside the home to get the keys from Patrick, but when she entered the bedroom, Patrick pushed her down on the bed. The victim stood up, and he pushed her out of the bedroom. When she tried getting back into the bedroom, the police showed up.

Patrick admitted it got physical when he got the keys to the truck. When asked about throwing his wife to the ground and her hitting her head on the truck, Patrick said he didn't know.

The officers could feel a lump on the back of the victim's head and took photographs.

Patrick was placed under arrest and transported to the Duchesne County Jail for assault domestic violence, and domestic violence in the presence of a child. Patrick was later released.

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