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A woman tells her neighbor, "My boyfriend hit me, possibly breaking my jaw."

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

By Travis Uresk Onenationjustice


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 8/26/23, at around midnight, Officer Harrison received a report of a domestic at 27 East 100 North. The report was that a lady knocked at the complainant's door, stating her boyfriend had hit her and possibly broke her jaw.

When Officer Harrison arrived, he met with the victim and asked what happened. She stated that she and her boyfriend, 53-year-old Davie Lynn Montes, had been arguing all day. The victim claimed Davie had been bugging her about looking at other guys.

The victim stated they had been in Vernal, and when returning home, she had gone to bed. The victim stated that Davie woke her up by throwing the phone at her, saying that her boyfriend called and she needed to speak with him. The victim stated that they argued back and forth about her sleeping with other men, and she said she was done and left the trailer.

As the victim left the trailer on foot, Davie followed her. The victim reached about 100 East 100 North when Davie knocked her to the ground. Davie hit the victim in the cheek and then stood over her, kicking her in the face. Davie tried to get her up to have her go with him, but she refused, and Davie walked down an alley.

The victim lay on the ground yelling for help and for someone to call 911 while this incident occurred on the street. The victim thought her jaw might be broken, and Officer Harrison had the ambulance respond and check the victim. She was then transported to the UBMC.

Officer Harrison arrived at the hospital to speak with the victim, and she stated that she and Davie had been dating for two years and living together. The victim had a swollen left cheek and red marks around her neck. The victim stated, "Davie didn't choke me, just hit me in the face and kicked me."

RPD was not able to locate Davie on 8/7/23, but he did call in and agreed to meet with Officers, but failed to do so on 8/28/23.

On 8/28/23, Officer Harrison located Davie at a residence on North State St. and spoke with him about the incident. He confirmed that they had been arguing all day but denied anything physical happened between the two. Davie was advised about the evidence and information the Officer had he would be arrested for domestic violence.

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