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A Whiterocks man arrested for having child pornography on his cell phone

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

By Travis Uresk


Whiterocks, Ut.- On 5/10/23, the Uintah County Sheriff’s Department received a Cybertip for further investigation with the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

The Cybertip stated on 4/13/23; an image was uploaded to Amazon Photos from an IP address out of the Lapoint area. The IP address was linked to Strata Networks, and the Cybertip also provided a location of Whiterocks.

A search warrant was sent to Strata Networks, and the Sheriff's Office received information back on 5/11/23. The subscriber information for the IP address in question on the specified date and time showed it was owned by a female with an address in Whiterocks.

The Sheriff's Department reviewed the suspected child sexual abuse material, an image of a female between the ages of 6-10, and the child was completely nude.

A search warrant was written and sent to Amazon, and they received information back on 7/13/23. The data from Amazon showed that the account had uploaded the child sexual abuse material registered under 57-year-old Roger Dale Reynolds at the same address as the female in Whiterocks.

The Sheriff's Department also received a file folder with pictures in it. The main folder containing all the photos is the model number for a Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone. In that folder are three folders titled Camera, Kik, and Screenshots.

In the camera folder were various images which included farm animals, his home, and a QR code for the "Smart Switch" for transferring data between Samsung phones.

In the Kik folder, various images mostly contained pornography. Among those images are several selfie pictures of Roger and several images and videos of Roger masturbating. There were six photos and three videos that had child sexual abuse-type material. One of the child sexual abuse images appeared to be playing on a black Dell laptop in one of the videos on the cell phone.

The email address attached to Roger's Utah driver's license matches the email address linked to the Amazon Photos account.

On 7/25/23, a search warrant was executed at Roger's residence. During the search warrant, a phone consistent with the model number was found on Roger's person. Roger stated he owned a black Dell laptop that was in a metal Conex box on the property.

The wall behind the laptop matched the background in the video described above, being played on a black Dell laptop. The Officers believed the computer was the same one used to play the child sexual abuse material.

Roger also stated he had been conversing with people on the Kik messenger, where the pornography in the Amazon photos search warrant appears to have come from.

Roger wouldn’t elaborate on the type of conversations he was having on the Kik app.

After the search warrant, Roger was booked on six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor for the three videos and the six photos found in his Amazon photos account.


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