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A welfare check turns into a male assaulting a woman and two police officers


Vernal Ut. Officer Elmer and Deputy Roth responded to a welfare check at the Sage Motel on January 6, 2023. The call came in as the complainant received a message saying, "Hurry, call the police." The complainant wasn't sure exactly what was going on.

The officers arrived at the motel room shortly after and spoke with both parties.

While speaking with the victim, the officers noticed some bruising around the victim's right eye. The victim stated that the bruising was caused by the male subject, who was identified as 34-year-old Brandon Lee Timms, who backhanded her across the face while she was holding her child during an argument.

At this time, Brandon admitted that he was going to jail because of him being a male.

Once the officers finished talking to Brandon, they determined that he had struck the victim in the face with her child present in the motel room. Brandon was informed that he was being arrested for the earlier incident.

Brandon became non-compliant, reaching between the bed and box springs, then rushing toward Officer Elmer. The officers and Brandon started to wrestle around the motel room, where Brandon continued to be verbally belligerent and physically resist arrest.

Brandon placed his hand around Deputy Roth's head and continued to resist. Brandon was taken to the ground, where he remained physically resistant and wouldn't place his hands behind his back, keeping them underneath him, saying, "I have a gun, and you should kill me."

While trying to get Brandon's arms out from underneath him, he kept grabbing Officer Elmer's fingers, trying to bend them backward. He also tried to bite Deputy Roth's arm, stating, "Don't you know I'm trying to bite your arm?"

Once the officers got Brandon handcuffed, he was escorted to Officer Elmer's patrol vehicle, where he became physically resistant again, going down the motel stairs. After getting down the stairs, Brandon was transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Brandon Lee Timms: Domestic Violence April 18th, 2022


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