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A wanted man get arrested after leaving the Sportsman's Warehouse parking lot


Vernal, Ut. (1/10/23) Sgt Watt took a theft case at Walmart involving 28-year-old William Ruel Edrington and his unknown girlfriend.

Sgt Watt has taken other cases involving Billy. Billy is also the suspect in another unrelated case involving stolen debit/credit card possession and use.

Later, on 1/10/24, around 10:30 pm, dispatch advised Sgt Watt that Billy Edrington and his girlfriend had returned to Walmart. The complainant (an Asset Protection Investigator At Walmart) watched the two to see if they were there to commit another theft. After watching Billy complete his transaction, it was determined no theft occurred.

Sgt Watt was parked in the Walmart parking lot to verify what vehicle Billy drove to see if it was connected to his other cases. Billy and his girlfriend came out and left Walmart in a black truck. From Sgt Watt's earlier investigations, he knew that Billy had a suspended driver's license for an ignition interlock device.

Billy's girlfriend's license was checked, and it was found that her driver's license was also suspended for no insurance.

Sgt Watt followed from a distance when the two left the parking lot. They went over to put fuel in the truck. After getting fuel, they drove back West across the parking lot to the West entrance, where the road connects with the Sportsman's Warehouse parking lot.

The truck pulled up to US-40 and crossed onto 2000 West. The Officer knew Billy lived in a neighborhood North of 200 West and 1000 South. At the intersection, the truck turned the opposite way of going to his residence. Sgt Watt turned on his emergency lights, turned around, facing the driver's door, and initiated a traffic stop at the intersection.

During the traffic stop, Sgt Watt made contact with the driver, Billy, and his girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat. Billy was asked for his driver's license, and he sighed and said, "It was suspended for not having an ignition interlock device."

Sgt Watt asked Billy if the truck he was driving now had the interlock device, and he stated no. Billy stated that the truck was registered to his mother, but it was his, and he just finished paying it off. He also stated the insured in his mother's name.

Based on the Officer's investigation, Billy was driving on a suspended license and without a required ignition interlock device; along with the other investigations, the Officer was currently looking for Billy for other felony cases.

Billy was asked to exit the truck, where he was placed in handcuffs. As Billy was being arrested, Sgt Watt saw a handgun in a brown holster on the inside of the driver's seat next to the center console. Billy is a convicted felon and isn't allowed to have a firearm. An officer secured the handgun and later put it in a patrol vehicle.

During a search of Billy's person, a lock blade knife was in his right front pocket, and some brass knuckles were found in his rear right pocket.

Billy's girlfriend was asked to exit the truck because it was not known if there were any other weapons in the vehicle. Billy's girlfriend is also a felon, and both are previously known drug users.

Two backpack-style purses were on the front passenger seat and floorboard, and the girlfriend said they belonged to her. She declined to let the Officer search her bags.

While speaking with Billy about his drug history and when he last used. Billy admitted to using drugs, specifically Fentanyl, about two hours earlier. Billy stated he didn't have any more, and there wasn't anything in the truck either. When asked for consent to search the truck, Billy gave consent and said, "You would be searching the truck anyway."

During the search of the truck, Officer Elmer found a piece of aluminum foil in the center console with burnt residue and part of a blue pill suspected to be Fentanyl. Also located in a waterproof container on a keychain were 19 blue M30 pills and meth. Additional drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in his girlfriend's purse.

When asked about the pills and meth, Billy said he forgot they were there and thought they were at his house. He later confirmed that the pills were Fentanyl.

Billy was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was interviewed. During the interview, Billy again acknowledged that the pills were Fentanyl, and he admitted to being addicted to the opiate drug. He also stated that he had used heroin a little while ago, but even that was not a strong enough opiate to keep him from getting sick.

Billy commented that the Fentanyl pills helped him keep from getting sick and helped him feel more normal or in a way that he could think clearly.


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