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A verbal argument turns violent between husband and wife



Roosevelt, Ut.- A Deputy with the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a residence about 10 miles West of Roosevelt regarding a domestic violence incident.

When Deputy Weekes arrived, he found a female outside the home on the side of the door. The female told the deputy that she and her husband had gotten into a physical altercation. Her husband was inside the residence with their young children.

Deputy Weekes gathered the basic information from 38-year-old Nicole Marie Yeaman.

Nicole had some slight reddening on her chest, where she said the victim had stomped on her "Heel first" multiple times, and a small welt on her right forearm. The victim had significant reddening on his chest, a torn shirt, abrasions on both sides of his face, and scratch marks on his forearms.

Both the victim and Nicole stated that they had been drinking and gotten intoxicated when a verbal altercation began. They both said that the victim disengaged from the altercation by going into the bedroom and locking the door.

The victim and Nicole said that Nicole attempted to re-engage in the altercation by hitting the bedroom door until the victim opened it and told Nicole to leave him alone and lay back down on the bed. Both stated that Nicole started yanking on the victim's legs, trying to pull him off the bed. After this, their stories are different.

The victim states that Nicole continued her aggressive behavior and tried to knock the victim's phone out of his hand. She then grabbed the victim, and they both fell to the floor, where Nicole continued to pull the victim's shirt and scratch him.

Nicole said that the victim grabbed her, threw her to the floor, and got her chest stomped on "heel first" multiple times.

The victim showed the deputy a video of the altercation on his phone. In the video, they were both intoxicated, and both of them were yelling and cursing at each other. You can hear the victim trying to go outside and separate from Nicole. Nicole is just yelling over and over for the victim to leave and calling him a crackhead.

You can see Nicole in the video swipe her hand at the victim's phone a couple of times. She finally knocks the phone out of his hands, and you can hear a brief physical altercation. The victim bent down to pick up his phone, and Nicole grabbed him, and that's when they both fell to the floor.

Utah requires law enforcement to take action; considering the intoxicated state of Nicole, the presence of the two young children, and the fact Nicole re-engaged in the altercation and then introduced physical violence to what was otherwise just a verbal altercation, Nicole was placed under arrest and taken to the Duchesne County Jail.


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