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A vehicle travels almost a mile before stopping for a Uintah Co. Deputy for speeding

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.-On 8/3/23, Deputy Fairey saw a vehicle driving on 2500 West 700 South which appeared to be traveling over the posted speed limit. The Deputy activated his radar and it indicated the vehicle was traveling 44 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The Deputy turned around to follow the vehicle and turned on his emergency lights around 1550 S 2500 W. The vehicle didn’t respond the Deputy signal to stop and continued driving. The vehicle stopped at the stop sign on 2500 W and Hwy-40 before turning left onto the highway, heading Westbound toward Vernal.

The vehicle continued driving at a reduced rate of speed before turning East onto 1500 South. After turning onto 1500 S the vehicle pulled onto the shoulder but continued to drive for about 150 feet before finally coming to a stop.

Deputy Fairey made contact with the male driver, and informed him the reason for the traffic stop. The driver stated that he was not speeding and was initially uncooperative.

The driver was asked for his ID and provided a Utah State issued ID card, showing him to be 48-year-old Wayne J. Soules. Wayne was asked about his license status and he admitted that he didn’t have a valid driver’s license. He was also unable to obtain a valid insurance card for the vehicle.

Dispatch conducted a records check of Wayne's personal information and returned that his driver license was revoked for an alcohol offense. The license record showed that Wayne was subject to an ignition interlock requirement as well as a mandatory impound provision for any vehicle he was found to be operating.

The Deputy had not see an ignition interlock device while speaking with Wayne at the driver's door. Wayne confirmed to an assisting officer that there was not an ignition interlock device installed in the vehicle.

A canine had been requested to conduct an exterior sniff of Wayne's vehicle. The canine showed a change in behavior but did not positively indicate to the presence of illegal substances in the vehicle.

Wayne had been asked to step out of the vehicle and informed that the vehicle was going to be impounded and that he would be receiving a citation for the traffic and driver license offenses.

While Deputy Fairey was preparing an impound report and citation, assisting officers were conducting an inventory search of Wayne's vehicle. The searching officer had spoken to Wayne about some items that had been found in the vehicle. The searching officer had found two beverage containers that contained an ice cold liquid that smelled of the odor of alcohol (vodka). Wayne was asked about the containers and stated that they had at one time contained alcohol. Wayne stated that the liquid in the containers currently did not contain any alcohol.

The searching officer had been speaking with Wayne outside of the vehicle when he discovered several baggies and a tooter pipe that were laying on the ground approximately 20 feet behind Wayne's vehicle. It is believed that Wayne discarded these items while he had been driving slowly along the shoulder as the baggies were dry and clean, despite the ground and grass being extremely wet from recent heavy rain.

Upon inspection the baggies were observed to contain 3 white (oxycodone) and 30 blue (fentanyl) pills, along with a quantity of white crystalline material (suspected methamphetamine). Following the discovery of the items, Wayne was immediately placed under arrest and read the Miranda Rights. Wayne declined to speak with the Officers about the items that had been found laying on the ground.

A subsequent search of Wayne's vehicle and property produced additional items of drug involvement as follows:

Wayne had removed a backpack from the vehicle prior to the inventory search. Found within the backpack was a baggie containing a large amount (14 grams) of white crystalline substance. The white crystalline substance is believed to be that of methamphetamine. Also in the backpack was another small baggie containing small white pills that are suspected to be oxycodone. In a toolbox attached to the truck a small cloth bag was found. Contained within the bag were two glass pipes and tubing. The pipes showed evidence of a burnt residue that is believed to be that of methamphetamine.

Also located in the toolbox was an open, partially consumed bottle of vodka.

At the conclusion of the traffic stop, Wayne was transported to the Uintah County Jail for booking. Prior to booking Wayne into the jail Deputy Fairey conducted a closer inspection of the baggies. The three baggies containing the white crystalline substance were weighed together and individually. The baggies were found to contain a total of 20 grams of white crystalline powder, with the largest quantity being 14 grams in a single baggie that had been recovered from the backpack. Deputy Fairey confirmed with a member of a drug task force that 20 grams is a substantial amount greater than that commonly found for personal usage, with the normal drug user possessing 1 gram of methamphetamine. The quantity of the blue fentanyl pills was also substantially greater than the common amount possessed for individual use. In my opinion, 30 fentanyl pills for use by a single person would constitute a lethal dose.

Wayne Soules was subsequently booked into the Uintah County Jail on the following charges:

Felony 2 possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) with intent to distribute, Utah 58-37- 8(1)(A)(III)

Felony 2 possession of a controlled substance (fentanyl) with intent to distribute, Utah 58-37-8(1)(A)(III)

Felony 3 possession of a controlled substance (oxycodone)(personal use), Utah 58-37-8(2)(B)(ii)

Felony 3 possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine)(personal use), Utah 58-37-8(2)(B)(ii)

Misdemeanor B possession of drug paraphernalia, Utah 58-37a-5

Misdemeanor A failure to stop at the command of law enforcement, Utah 73-1820(3)

Misdemeanor B driving on a revoked license (qualifying offense), Utah 53-3-227(3)(A)

Misdemeanor C ignition interlock violation, Utah 41-6a-518

Misdemeanor C open container of alcohol in a vehicle, Utah 41-6A-526(3)

Misdemeanor C operating a motor vehicle without insurance, Utah 41-12A-302

Speeding (44/35), Utah 41-6A-601, which is an infraction

A review of Waynw’s criminal history was conducted and showed multiple prior convictions for distribution and possession of controlled substances. The charges of possession of a controlled substance were enhanced due to the prior distribution and possession convictions. All items of drug involvement were booked into evidence at the sheriff's office and will be submitted for testing to confirm the existence of illegal drugs.


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