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A Uintah County Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend, Then Flees The Scene

By Travis Uresk



Vernal, Ut.


Uintah County Deputy Russell was called to the report of a stabbing that had taken place at 2133 West 700 South in Uintah County.

Dispatch advised that the complainant reported that her son's girlfriend had stabbed him and was leaving in a black Escalade. While the Deputy was en route, dispatch advised that 27-year-old Daidre Isabel Arthur was possibly heading to the apartments near Davis Jubilee.

Sgt Cottam and NPD Officer McGaha located the vehicle at 650 West 100 South apartments.

When Deputy Russell arrived on the scene, he contacted the complainant and her son, who were sitting outside the residence. Russell radioed dispatch to send the ambulance to treat the male's wound now that the scene was secure.

The victim had multiple scratch marks on his face and had his right arm covered with a rag. They removed the rag, and the victim had a small puncture wound to his upper right arm that was steadily bleeding.

When asked what happened, the victim stated that his kids were upstairs crying, and he confronted Daidre and told her if she was going to treat his children like that, then she needed to leave. The victim said they got into an argument, and then Daidre began scratching his face.

The victim stated he grabbed her by the arms in an attempt to keep her from scratching him and told her again that she needed to leave. At some point, a glass got broken, and she swung it at him, stabbing him in the arm.

The victim said that the four children were upstairs at the time of the incident, and then Daidre had gotten three of the children and left the residence. The victim said that one of the children she took was his, and he would like her returned home if Daidre was arrested.

Deputy Russell made contact with Sgt Cottam, who was still on scene with Daidre, and advised him of what the victim had told him took place. It was determined that Daidre was the primary aggressor.

Sgt Cottam placed Daidre under arrest and transported her to the Uintah County Jail while Deputy Russell finished speaking with the victim.

The victim allowed Russell to take pictures of his injuries and the broken glass inside the residence. The broken glass came from a candle, but the victim believed he was stabbed by a broken ashtray.

Once Deputy Russell was finished booking evidence, dispatch contacted him and advised that the complainant had called back, stating that they located the glass that had been used to stab the victim. Russell returned to the scene, was shown a broken glass covered in blood, and told that it had been covered with a blanket. The glass was collected and booked into evidence.

Due to Daidre using unlawful force or violence to cause serious bodily injury to the victim by stabbing him with a piece of glass, Daidre was arrested and booked into jail for aggravated assault domestic violence Utah State Code 76-5-103.

Due to Daidre committing domestic violence knowing that a child was present and could likely hear or see the incident, Daidre was arrested and booked into jail for the commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child Utah State Code 76-5-114 times four due to the four children being present.

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