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A Uintah County man assaults his stepfather

By Travis Uresk


Uintah County, Ut. 8/12/23

Sgt Cheshire responded to 5320 North 4500 East, in Uintah County, on the report of trespassing. The Officer was informed that 42-year-old Jesse Wade Olsen was at the residence trespassing and threatening the complainant.

While the complainant was still on the phone with dispatch, he stated that Jesse had just assaulted him and was leaving the residence on a red Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sgt Cheshire arrived at the residence and learned the complainant/victim was the stepfather to Jesse.

The victim told the Officer that Jesse had been told numerous times that he is not allowed on the property. At times, the victim has locked the gate to the driveway to prevent Jesse from coming to the home. Jesse doesn't live at the residence and has no legal right to be at the property.

The victim and adult witnesses watched as Jesse pulled into the yard and immediately became confrontational with the victim. Jesse came to the home because he had found out that his children were there.

Jesse has been repeatedly reported abandoning his children because he can't care for them. His children had been in Colorado for the summer, and prior to going to Colorado, Jesse abandoned them, and he gave them to his mother to take care of.

Jesse told the victim he was going into the victim's house, and the victim prevented Jesse from doing so. During the confrontation, the victim told Jesse that he was calling the police, and while the victim was on the phone with dispatch, Jesse shoved him in the chest.

The assault happened in the driveway, and there were three children, all under the age of twelve years old, who watched it happen. Sgt Cheshire was told two other children, under ten years old, were in the backyard and could hear the two yelling.

When Jesse shoved the victim, his brother stepped in and tried to get Jesse to leave. One of the kids yelled at Jesse to leave her dad alone because Jesse threatened his brother. Witnesses said that Jesse threatened to kill the victim numerous times before leaving.

Jesse told his family before leaving that the cops would have to kill him before he would be taken to jail. Sgt Cheshire was informed that Jesse was using illegal drugs and was in possession of multiple weapons.

Jesse was found in the area of 3800 East 7000 North in Uintah County. When Sgt Cheshire arrived on scene, Jesse was immediately told he was under arrest and refused to be taken into custody. He made the comment, "You're going to have to shoot me."

Jesse refused multiple orders to be taken into custody, and his body mannerisms were such that Sgt Cheshire took out his taser, activated the laser lights, and prepared to deploy it on Jesse. Jesse continued to refuse orders to be placed in handcuffs.

After about six minutes, Jesse was safely taken into custody. During a search of Jesse's person, a glass pipe with meth residue was found in his front pocket. He also had a marijuana pipe in his front pocket.

Jesse admitted to Deputy Pratt that he had a firearm in one of his saddlebags on his motorcycle. While searching the motorcycle, a Ruger pistol was found. The gun had a full magazine but no live round in the chamber. A marijuana pipe was also found in a bag attached to the handlebars.

Jesse was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence in the Presence of Five Children, Threat of Violence, Criminal Trespass, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

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Oct 08, 2023

Jesse... Put down the glass pipe... Pick up the bong and CHILL OUT!!


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