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A Salt Lake Man Stopped For Following Too Closely, Tells Deputy He Has A Mixture Of Drugs In His Pocket


Ballard—On March 30th, 2024, while out on patrol in the Ballard area, Deputy Pratt noticed a Ford truck following a semi-truck too closely.

The deputy stopped the vehicle near 2000 East US-40. Deputy Pratt approached the vehicle on the passenger side, where the driver identified himself with a state-issued ID as Steven Holmes. After the deputy read the name of the driver, then looked closer at the male passenger.

Due to Deputy Pratt's time working inside the Uintah County Jail (UCJ), he recognized the passenger as 33-year-old Tyler Jordan Holmes.

Tyler was asked to exit the vehicle and asked if he had anything on his person that he shouldn't have. Tyler stated he had a mixture of drugs in his front pocket. During the search, the deputy found tin foil with a blue, burnt residue on it consistent with Fentanyl, a clear plastic baggie with marijuana, multiple plastic baggies with a clear/white rock-type substance consistent with methamphetamine, as well as multiple other clear baggies, tooter straws.

A records check on Tyler showed he had three active warrants: one from the 8th District Court in Vernal and two from the 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City.

Tyler was arrested, handcuffed, and then taken to the Uintah County Jail without incident. Charges were enhanced due to prior convictions.

Deputy Pratt stated, “Tyler is currently living outside of the Uintah Basin, and has very few ties to the Uintah Basin. The severity of his Fentanyl usage makes him a danger to himself, and he has admitted to not currently working and I considered him a flight risk due the ties he has in the Salt Lake City Area. I am requesting Tyler be held with out bail for his own safety as well as the information that he is currently living in the Salt Lake area and does not come to Vernal area very often.”

Tyler was booked on his three warrants, as well as the following charges:

Possession of a controlled substance 58-37-8, Fentanyl Class Felony 3.

Possession of a controlled substance 58-37-8, Methamphetamine-Class Felony 3.

Possession of a controlled substance 58-37-8 Marijuana-Class A.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 58-37A-5- Class A misdemeanor.


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