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A Roosevelt Motel Room Gets Damaged, Total Cost Of Repairs Is $3,000

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 28th, 2023 | Criminal Mischief |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 2/17/23, At around 1:00 pm, Officer Christensen with the RPD responded to a criminal mischief call at the Frontier Motel & Grill.

The complainant, who works at the Frontier Motel & Grill, stated they have been renting a room through the tribe for 57-year-old Robert Jenks. The complainant stated Robert had vandalized the room he was staying in, written all over the walls with a marker, and damaged the room.

When the Police arrived, the room had multiple graffiti writing not only all over on the walls but also on the table, chairs, and on microwave. There were also burnt towels that were in the bathroom.

The complainant contacted the tribe, and they wanted the Frontier Motel & Grill to kick Robert Jenks out of the Motel and asked the Motel to press charges against Robert. The tribe asked for a quote for the damages Robert did, and the complainant told them the quote for the damages was $3011.00.

Pictures of the damage were taken, and a copy of the quote from the complainant gave the tribe.

Robert was arrested and transported to the UBMC for medical clearance. After Robert received his medical clearance, he was transported to the Duchesne County Jail to be booked in.


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