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A person calls the police on their neighbor because they could hear a woman screaming for help

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 7/30/23, the Vernal Police were called to the Silver Pines Apartment by a complainant who was reporting they could hear what sounded like domestic violence and could hear a male and female fighting and a female screaming for help.

Officer Roth responded to the apartment complex and knocked on the door that was reported to be the source of the domestic violence. A witness from outside reported that this was about the third time this kind of incident occurred this week, and believed she needed help.

There was no response from the apartment despite the police continuing to knock and announce themselves. An Officer got a key from the property manager and entered the residence for a protective sweep and to locate any parties inside.

Upon entering the residence, the Officers located a female, and it was confirmed that the male subject had fled the scene, and it was apparent the female had been assaulted.

The victim said she tried to leave, but the male subject prevented her from doing so. He threw her back into the residence and became more violent. After being thrown down, she continued to say that he hit her multiple times, including to the side of her face, with a can of beer. He then grabbed her around the neck and attempted to choke her.

After the violent attack, the male left the residence prior to the police showing up. The victim said as he left, he took a knife to the side of her new car, scratched the paint, and threatened to slash the tires. Officer Roth was able to see the damage to the vehicle.

The victim stated that she and the male subject had only been dating for the past three months and identified him as 45-year-old Alonzo Jim.

Officer Roth was able to locate a file for Alonzo confirming his identity. Based on the Lethality Assessment conducted, the victim was at high risk, and a victim advocate was summoned to the scene to meet with the victim.

At 6:00 pm the same day, Jim was located and detained. Officer Roth responded to the location of his arrest. Jim stated the victim was the one that threw a fit this morning and attacked him, wouldn't let him leave, and grabbed his shirt.

Officer Roth noted that Jim had no physical injuries, and his shirt wasn't ripped.

Based upon the circumstances and compared evidence and stories Officer Roth believed that Jim had committed Domestic Violence Aggravated Assault against the victim by using unlawful force against her and applying his hands to her throat and neck area, and striking her in the face and head with a beer can, making the offense an aggravated assault.

Officer Roth further believed there to be probable cause that he restricted her from leaving the apartment, committing unlawful detention, and causing damage to her vehicle by scratching the side of it.

Jim was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was incarcerated for the offenses.


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