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A Naples woman inhales THC from a vape pen in front of the police before being taken to jail


Naples, Ut. On 8/11/23, Chief Simper responded to a domestic disturbance in progress where both parties called into dispatch to report an assault and were described as adult siblings living in the same home.

The male called dispatch, reporting his sister had hit his child with a wooden paddle and then assaulted him by scratching and hitting him.

28-year-old Mara Ashley Anderson called dispatch, stating her brother had assaulted her and requested an ambulance. It was reported the two were now separated, and the ambulance would stage.

When Chief Simper arrived at the residence, he was greeted by the male at the door and was invited inside the home. As he walked in, Mara exited her room and started yelling at her brother. An exchange of words took place between the two. Simper observed both parties had scratches and red marks.

The male had redness around his left eye, and Mara had a cut inside her lip. The two were separated. The male was asked to stay inside the home while Mara was taken outside with Chief Simper. Sgt. Roth had arrived to assist, and the ambulance was called to come over to see Mara. Sgt Roth would stay with her while she received care.

Chief Simper spoke with the male about what had happened, and more detailed observations of his injuries were multiple scratch marks on his left shoulder and chest. His left eye was slightly swollen and red. His knuckles had no redness or abrasion, and all of these injuries were photographed.

The male stated earlier that Mara came downstairs and talked to him about dust and a mildew smell in the air. She opened the air duct and left it open. It was described Mara was talking like she was on drugs. When asked what kind of drugs, the male stated she regularly uses alcohol and marijuana, and he knows she uses meth but didn't see her use any on this day.

The male described her statements as erratic, rambling nonsense. The male had sent multiple text messages to his mother and wife, and the messages were read to Chief Simper's body camera. Three children were present during this disturbance, ages 6, 5, and 4.

The male stated he was outside smoking, and when he entered the back door, he saw Mara hit his 4-year-old son on the leg with a wooden paddle. He got in between Mara and his son. He was upset by the action and yelled at Mara for what she had done. He began taking his son toward the stairs, and Mara attacked him.

The male described Mara as having a fly swatter in one hand and a wooden paddle in the other. She struck her brother in the face on the left side with the paddle and again with her fist in the same place.

The male took his left arm and pushed Mara away, making contact with her face. Mara continued pressing forward, and while the male reached for his son, his left arm was still up to defend himself from Mara. He described his thumb as facing away from his body, or his hand was upside down. His hand connected with her throat. The male stated he gripped her throat and pushed her away again. While he was doing this, Mara was hitting and scratching him.

When they separated, the male called the police and completed a witness statement.

Chief Simper went outside to speak with Mara. Officer Johnston had arrived and stayed with the male inside the home.

Simper observed red marks on Mara's neck, one line on the right side and three lines on the other side. These marks would be consistent with the male's left hand being upside down. She had a ¼" laceration on the inside of her lip in line with her teeth. Her injuries were also photographed. It was noticed that her speech was rapid and elevated, and her pupils were dilated in direct sunlight, which is commonly a physiological sign of stimulant use.

Chief Simper asked Mara about what had happened, and she stated domestic violence had occurred and the police needed to handle it. She was advised they needed her to be specific because they were not there and needed details of what she believed happened.

Mara stated her brother's son was standing on the couch, which was disrespectful, and she told him to get off. She said her brother went off on her. She stated her brother hit her in the face, and she was tired of being assaulted by men, and what her brother did was not right, especially in front of his children. Chief Simper asked how she was hit, and she said he hit her and then pushed her throat, trying to take her to the ground.

Mara was asked about striking the child with the wooden paddle, and she denied this, stating she had a fly swatter and was hitting flies. She also denied hitting her brother.

Chief Simper asked where the injuries came from on her brother, and she didn't provide an answer. When asking her questions, the Officers would not get a direct answer, and she would speak at long lengths about her history of being abused.

Simper entered the home again and asked to see the 4-year-old boy. The male stated there was a mark on his leg. Simper saw a circular mark on the backside of the child's right leg with no reddening around the mark. The mark was photographed, and asked if it could be a birthmark. The male stated it was not. No other marks were found on the child.

The 4-year-old was not interviewed as he was quiet and wouldn't even tell Simper his name. While speaking with the male again about his side of the story, it stayed detailed and consistent.

Chief Simper asked about previous domestic violence, and the male stated he had none, but Mara has been charged with assaulting her stepdad and other family members 2-3 times. The male was asked if he consumed illegal drugs, and he said he would be sober for 10 years in September of this year.

Chief Simper spoke with Mara about being the predominant aggressor, and both parties had injuries of a similar nature. Both were accusing the other of starting the fight. The male stated he saw Mara hitting his son with a paddle, and Mara confirmed she had a wooden paddle or an avocado board in one hand and a fly swatter in the other but denied hitting the child. Chief Simper advised her of her history of domestic violence, and she confirmed she had to fight those cases.

Chief Simper decided to arrest Mara for assault-domestic violence and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Mara requested to grab some items from her bedroom, and Simper followed as she gathered her phone, wallet, and another vape pen. They went to Officer Johnston's vehicle, where Simper advised they would have to collect her items,

Mara inhaled from the new vape pen she had gathered from her room, and Chief Simper saw a THC marking on the cartridge. The item was taken from her, and it was confirmed as THC. Simper asked Mara if she had a medical marijuana license, and she stated she did. Officer Johnston transported her to jail for processing.

Dispatch checked Mara for a medical marijuana card, and it showed the status as awaiting but not expired until 8/22/23. It is unclear if she is currently valid, so the vape pen was seized for further review.

Both have a criminal history. The male has a non-extraditiable NCIC out of Georgia but has had nothing since 2013. Mara showed numerous recent assault charges.

Chief Simper followed up at the jail, where he booked Mara for assault-domestic violence and domestic violence in the presence in the presence of a child. Further investigation will be completed for the allegation of child abuse.


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