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A Mother Assaults Her Daughter In The Parking Lot Of Carroll’s Kitchen

By Travis Uresk 11/2/23

Naples, Ut. On 10/1/23, Chief Simper was dispatched to an assault, not in progress. The assault occurred at Carroll's Kitchen at 1015 S 1500 E, Naples, UT, but the call came from the Uintah Basin Healthcare emergency room. Dispatch advised the victim had been assaulted by her mother.

Simper responded to the hospital, where he made contact with the staff. He was advised the victim had abrasions on her hands and arms. She also showed signs of a concussion, which the attending physician later confirmed. Chief Simper entered the room where the victim and her fiance were present.

Simper spoke with each of them individually, with the victim saying her family was at Carroll's Kitchen celebrating the baptism of her sister. Her mother, 43-year-old Marsha Hamilton, was also present. Marsha, her sister, and the victim went for a ride together, where a verbal altercation began.

Upon returning to the restaurant, the victim told her fiance she wanted to leave. The victim stated she walked around the car, and Marsha stood in her way. The victim pushed Marsha out of the way. Marsha hit the victim and pushed her against a vehicle, causing the victim to hit her head on the window. Marsha grabbed the victim's hair with both hands and placed her in a headlock.

The victim said she was swung back and forth before Marsha took her to the ground. Marsha was seated on top of her and began punching and slapping the victim. Marsha then grabbed her by the hair and began hitting her daughter’s head on the ground. The parties separated and left the area.

The victim stated her three children were in the vehicle where this was occurring. Simper observed multiple abrasions on the knuckles, back of the hands, and arms of the victim. Her face was red and swollen around the eyes and cheekbones. She showed Simper the back of her head, describing a bump. Simper photographed all of these areas.

The victim stated she did not lose consciousness during the struggle but struggled to remember common things throughout this interview due to the concussion. She couldn’t remember the names of her children and the last name of her boyfriend and thought the president was Obama. Simper spoke with her fiance next, who had a similar recollection of the event. Austin stated he did see the victim throw a punch at Marsha but believed it was self-defense. This was while both parties were standing, and the victim had been pushed into the car.

The fiance estimated Marsha struck the victim 10-12 times. He also stated he was in their car when this began but exited the vehicle when they became physical. He attempted to walk over but was stopped by the victim's father, stating they needed to sort some things out. The fiance said when the fight ended, Marsha began yelling at him and told him he should shoot himself.

The fiance, the victim, and the three children left for home. The fiance began suspecting something was wrong with his girlfriend as she was nauseous and slurring her words. They dropped the children off and went to the hospital. Simper was advised Marsha and the victim’s father live in Duchesne County.

Chief Simper contacted Sgt Nichols with the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office and advised him of the situation. Simper asked him to make contact and conduct an interview with both parties. Simper was later contacted by him and advised Marsha had a bruise on her left shoulder and abrasions on her knuckles and one knee.

Marsha stated the victim hit her two times, so she took the victim to the ground. Simper was advised the victim’s father said he did not see much of the incident. With this information, Chief Simper determined Marsha as the predominant aggressor and asked Sgt Nichols to arrest Marsha. She was transported to Roosevelt, where a Naples Officer took custody and transported her to Uintah County Jail.

Simper photographed Marsha's injuries, read her Miranda Rights, and was asked to tell what had happened. Marsha stated they were on the car ride when a verbal altercation began. When they returned from the drive, the victim and Marsha continued arguing. The victim struck Marsha two times in the left shoulder, causing a bruise. Marsha slapped the victim in the face during this.

Marsha grabbed the victim by the hair and pulled her into a single-arm headlock, continuing to hold the hair with the other hand. Marsha said she slowly took her daughter to the ground and got on top of her. The victim was described as grabbing Marsha's shirt. Marsha slapped the victim again. Shortly after, they separated. Marsha stated she did not know how the victim received the concussion. This ended the interview, and Marsha was booked on the listed charges.

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