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A man with multiple warrants gives an officer false information

By Travis Uresk


Uintah Co. Ut.- On 7/19/23, UHP Trooper Carson was dispatched to a public assist detail for a male that had broken down near mile marker 168 on US-40. When the Trooper arrived, he noticed the male acting distraught, and he was stuffing articles into a backpack.

The male was sitting in the rear hatch area of a silver van with its hazards on and without a shirt on. The Trooper greeted him and asked the male to approach him due to his furtive movements into his belongings.

Trooper Carson began to ask the male about his situation, and the male was very agitated, talkative, fidgety, and wasn't making any sense. His travel plans were confusing, and he told the Trooper that his friend/cousin had run out of gas.

The Trooper offered him a ride and asked for his ID and social security number. The male identified himself as Cody Ryan with a date of birth but didn't know his SS number.

Dispatch ran a records check, and it returned clear to a male out of Wyoming. The Trooper was suspicious of false information and requested dispatch to send a picture from Wyoming to confirm his ID status. While waiting, the Trooper was informed that the male gave the Trooper his brother's information, which was confirmed with the ID picture out of Wyoming.

The driver wouldn’t stop talking throughout the entire interaction and rambled about topics that made no sense. The male showed all the signs of a person under the influence of meth.

The male was placed under physical detention and seated inside the patrol vehicle for safety reasons.

The Trooper identified the male as 27-year-old Cory Dale Ryan, and he had five statewide warrants for his arrest. Officer English from the Dinosaur Marshall's Office informed Trooper Carson that Cory had a marijuana pipe on him when assisting him less than an hour ago.

Trooper Carson gained consent to search the vehicle, and in a pair of pants was found a bag of meth. The Trooper also found tooter pipes and tinfoil with a black tar substance. While searching Cory, in his pant pocket was a bag of blue pills suspected to be fentanyl-laced and a glass pipe with marijuana in it.

Cory was transported to the hospital for a medical release and then to the Uintah County Jail. Cory has a lengthy criminal history, and most of his warrants were possession within the last seven years, that will enhance his current charges.


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