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A man stabs two men who try to keep him from driving after a night of drinking


Vernal, Ut.- On 8/23/23, at around 10:30 pm, Sgt. Watt and other Vernal Officers were dispatched to a report of a possible stabbing at an apartment complex at 650 North 100 East.

The complainant was a third-party person who was not on the scene. The call was reported through a language line because the complainant only spoke Spanish. It was reported that a friend lives at the above address, and one guy is drinking and has a knife. The caller advised that someone was hurt, and one man got stabbed in the arm.

When Sgt. Watt arrived at the apartment, he saw three adult males standing on the landing by the front door. When the men saw the Officer, two went inside the residence while the third male stayed outside.

As Sgt. Watt walked up to the apartment. He could see broken glass all over the cement outside the apartment door. There was also some blood on the sidewalk next to the door and smeared blood around the cement wall surrounding the landing on three sides.

The Officer saw no injuries or marks on the man outside the apartment. When talking to the male, he didn't understand English and was detained in handcuffs and searched for weapons, but none were found.

When assisting Officers arrived, they knocked on the door, and the other two men came back outside. The first male had superficial stab wounds to his arm and lacerations on his stomach. One of the Officers knew a little Spanish, and it was determined that the suspect had left before Law Enforcement was called.

The second male victim also had superficial stab wounds, lacerations on his body, and one laceration about an inch long on his head. The large amount of blood on the sidewalk came from his head wound. Both victims also had cuts on their shirts that aligned with the lacerations on their skin caused by a sharp knife or razor blade.

A translator was called to assist in interviewing the four people in the apartment to determine what had happened and who had done it. It was determined that the four guys were drinking alcohol while a fifth person there was not drinking had gone to bed.

The other four, including the suspect, continued to drink. At some point, an argument started between one of the victims and the suspect, who was only known as Jamie. During the fight, Jamie was said to have produced a razor utility knife and began to assault one of the victims. The second victim jumped in to help when he was also stabbed and sliced with the razor knife.

The suspect, Jamie, left in what was described as a grey Dodge minivan-type vehicle. One of the witnesses had Jamie's phone number and called it. The translator spoke with the male on the other end of the call, who denied being Jamie, stating he was not there, though the witness indicated that the person on the call was Jamie.

One of the victims stated that the fight started when Jamie wanted to leave, and they were trying to get him not to drive home because he had been drinking a lot of alcohol. One attempted to block the door to discourage him from leaving, but Jamie got mad and started attacking him.

The original complainant arrived and showed the Officers where Jamie lived. Officers saw a grey Dodge Journey and a Dodge minivan at the residence. Both vehicles were registered to 22-year-old Jamie Rosales Garcia. Attempts were made to contact Jamie at the residence, but no one would answer the door. It was decided to follow up on trying to locate Jamie the next day.

On the afternoon of 8/24/23, Sgt. Watt, assisted by FBI Agent Ryan, who speaks and understands Spanish, interviewed both victims. During these interviews, law enforcement was told that the argument started between Jamie and one of the victims and was broken up by one of the witnesses.

It was said Jamie went to his vehicle and returned with the knife when the altercation happened. One victim stated Jamie broke a glass bottle over his head.

Law enforcement showed the victims photos of Jamie to identify the suspect positively. All three identified the photographs as Jamie and the same person involved in the assault the night before. The witness and one of the victims know Jamie because they work for the same company.

Sgt. Watt and Agent Ryan then went to Jamie's residence, located him there, and was advised of his Miranda Rights.

Jamie said he drank about 8 beers and was going to leave when one of the other males tried to get him not to leave and stay and drink with them. Jamie then pushed the guy back when a second person went at him.

Jamie stated that they were hitting each other, and he was defending himself. After the fight was broken up, he left and went home. When asked about the knife, he denied having one, and when asked about the broken glass and bottle, Jamie denied that also. When asked about the blood on the ground, he indicated he had a bloody nose, which was from him.

Jamie showed law enforcement his nose and mouth, and they didn't see any injuries in or around his nose, but his upper lip did appear to be swollen, though there was no injury inside his mouth, such as lacerated skin.

Jamie Garcia was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on two counts of aggravated assault with a weapon, a third-degree felony.


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