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A Man Picks Out Items At Walmart, Then Goes To Customer Service And Returns Them For A Gift Card

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 28th, 2023 | Theft |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.-On 5/24/23, an employee informed the Vernal Police that a male subject had committed fraud at the Vernal Walmart, but the man wasn’t on scene.

When Cpl. Johnstun arrived at the store, met with Lyndsey, and she showed the Officer a photo of the subject, who he immediately recognized as 26-year-old Ian Christopher Roberts from Prior incidents.

Ian Christopher Roberts

Lyndsey indicated that on 5/9/23, Ian entered the store, took a pair of shoes, removed the tag, put those shoes on his feet, and left his old shoes in the aisle. Lyndsey told Johnstun Ian then selected merchandise from the store and took them to the customer service counter to return the merchandise for a gift card with store credit.

Ian had not purchased the items, the return was fraudulent, and the value of the gift card was $51.34.

Ian used his Utah ID card to complete the return. Lyndsey provided the Utah ID number to the Officer, and a records check later showed that the ID belonged to Ian.

After Ian received the gift card, he walked around the store, selected merchandise, and purchased the items using the gift card. Ian didn't scan or pay for the shoes he took from the store.

Cpl. Johnstun knew that Ian was incarcerated at the Uintah County Jail for an unrelated incident. He met with Ian at the jail and advised him of his Miranda Rights. When Johnstun told Ian he wanted to talk about when he went to Walmart, Ian responded by asking if it was when he returned some items. When he was asked where he had gotten the items he returned, Ian ended the interview.

Cpl. Johnstun reviewed the security camera footage of this incident and saw Ian enter the store without any merchandise. Ian was walking around the store, selecting items in the store which he used for return without ever paying for them. He then used the gift card at the register in the fuel center to purchase other items.

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May 29, 2023

Ughhh!! Why???!!! I hate thieves! Thinking they're so smart! They got you on camera! Idiotas por todas partes?!

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