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A man leaves Duchesne at 145 mph on a motorcycle tries to hide from the police

By Travis Uresk 1Nationjustice


Duchesne, Ut.- On 9/26/23, at 1:40 pm, Deputy Meeks was on patrol near 243 East Main Street going westbound. A light-colored bullet bike was seen traveling eastbound with a rider wearing light blue/white colored pants, a black sweater jacket, and carrying a brown backpack.

The motorcycle began revving its engine very loudly and was seen rapidly increasing its speed to 45+ mph on the Deputy's radar.

Deputy Meeks turned on his emergency overhead lights, and the motorcycle continued to pick up speed faster as it passed Officers. The Officers turned around to conduct a traffic stop, and the bike was traveling too fast to get behind.

Police left Duchesne City and saw the motorcycle was already passing the lumber mill on Hwy 40 at 20604 West, approximately traveling at speeds of 145 mph. It was observed that the motorcycle was traveling into oncoming traffic lanes, passing eight vehicles in a 45 mph zone, and "Took off."

The pursuit was discontinued for safety reasons. After stopping, Officers were immediately dispatched to Myton City on an unrelated event. While sitting just East of Hwy 40 and Main Street in Myton, a witness pulled up next to the Officers, reported seeing the bike pass them going out of town, and stated it had turned down a dirt road just out of town.

Officers later provided a photo of the rider and a verbal description of the rider. The rider was identified as 28-year-old Grayson Parker Slusher.

While sitting directly at Hwy 40, Main Street Officers observed a bullet bike pull off the road's right shoulder at 100 South and Hwy 40. Officers initiated a traffic stop by pulling in front of the bike at this location as the rider and bike matched the observation of officers and a witness.

An in-depth interview with Grayson provided that Grayson had provided a false name and date of birth of a real person, that he had a suspended driver's license for DUI, and that he was the person in this report. The rider did not have his driver's license and was confirmed on the state web database by photo and additional identifying marks such as tattoos.

The rider was also found to have no motorcycle endorsement. Deputy Meeks ran the motorcycle registration, and it was found that two letters from the state had been sent requesting proof of insurance, and the last one was sent out as of March 2023 with no response received. The rider was unable to provide proof of insurance on request.

Additionally, the registration returned as revoked status in the state database. Subsequently, the rider was also found to have two active warrants for his arrest. Upon making positive Identification, the following violations were found: Evading, reckless driving, false personal info of a real person, suspended driver's license for a DUI, which increased the charge, no insurance, no driver's license in possession and no motorcycle endorsement plus warrants the driver was placed under arrest.

After the arrest, the rider was read his Miranda warning and willingly talked to officers without counsel. Grayson admitted seeing officers trying to stop him in Duchesne and decided to run. He stated he had an event in Vernal City that Grayson was trying to attend, which is also why he provided the false information. The rider was transported to the county jail.


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