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A man from Cortez, Colorado arrested in Vernal for having a stolen UTV

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 7/25/23, Vernal City Police was dispatched to a suspicious incident at 350 N 221 West. The complainant stated that a male was starting a side-by-side by opening the hood and didn't appear to have a key. The complainant believed the UTV was likely stolen.

When Officer Young arrived on the scene, he saw the UTV parked on the North side of the parking area of the LDS Church. The Officer noticed the black spray paint on the side by side was chipping off, and the original red paint showed through the black spray paint.

The UTV didn't have a license plate, so Officer Young had dispatch run the VIN off the UTV. Dispatch informed the Officer that the UTV was listed on NCIC as stolen from Montezuma County, Colorado.

Officer Young contacted the complainant, who had video footage of a male driving the UTV and had them email him the video. The video showed a male in the driver's seat wearing a black shirt, tan pants, and black shoes. He had facial hair with dark hair. In the passenger seat was a brown pitbull dog.

The complainant stated the male was staying in apartment number 8, and they saw him enter the apartment earlier, and he had not come out.

Sgt. Roth arrived and contacted the Montezuma County Sheriff's Office, who confirmed that the UTV was stolen from their County in 2020.

Both Officers went around the fence and made contact with a male inside the apartment. The male identified himself as 34-year-old Bradley Kyle Harris. Officer Young observed the photograph sent by the complainant and confirmed that it was the same male because he was wearing the same clothing, had the same facial hair, and had the same brown pitbull dog at his side.

Bradley told the Officers that he was from Cortez, Colorado, which is Montezuma County. Dispatch advised the Officers that Bradley had an active state-wide warrant.

Sgt. Roth asked Bradley about the stolen UTV, and he stated that his friend "Joey" let him drive it. Bradley couldn't recall Joey's last name and didn't know where Joey lived. Bradley described Joey as a local resident who had dark hair and was about his height.

Sgt. Roth informed Bradley that they knew the UTV was stolen. He admitted to driving the side by side but knew nothing about it being stolen. Bradley also admitted he noticed the black spray paint and thought it was strange.

Bradley was detained and handcuffed to be transported to the Vernal City Police Department. Detective Collom interviewed Bradley regarding the stolen UTV. During the interview, Bradley admitted to driving the vehicle, and it was found that there were photographs located of Bradley driving the UTV on his social media several months before this incident.

Bradley also admitted that he lived in Cortez when the UTV was stolen.

After the interview, Bradley was arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail on the charge of possession of the stolen property, which was enhanced to a 3rd-degree felony because the stolen property was an operatable motor vehicle.


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