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A Man Found Slumped Over In His Vehicle On The Side Of US-40 In Gusher

By Travis Uresk 11/2/23

Gusher, Ut.- 10/28/23, At around 11:00 am, dispatch notified Trooper Ryan with the Utah Highway Patrol there was an unknown problem in Gusher on US-40 near 10500 East, and the ambulance was on the way. The complainant stated a male was slumped over in the driver's seat, blocking a driveway in an older model Suburban.

Trooper Ryan arrived at the area within 15 minutes and was advised by dispatch that the male signed a release and drove North on 10500 East. The ambulance staff reported that the driver was possibly intoxicated.

Ryan turned North on 10500 East when he saw the Suburban traveling South toward US-40. The driver didn't have his seat belt on, so Ryan turned around, and the vehicle pulled to the right just before the highway. The driver rolled his window down, put his arm out the window, and waved to the Trooper to pass him.

Trooper Ryan asked the driver what was going on, and he stated he was going home. He was asked where he was coming from, and the man stated he was getting his mail. Ryan asked him from where if the Post Office wasn’t down this road, and he stated he had mail at his in-laws.

The man identified himself as 41-year-old Jesse Thomas Seaver. Dispatch advised that Jesse had an active warrant for possession of a controlled substance. His license is also denied, and he is an alcohol-restricted driver.

Trooper Ryan asked Jesse why he was slumped over in his vehicle, and he stated he just passed out. Jesse said he had a fight with his wife and left the house. Ryan asked Jesse about his prior drug use, and he said he hadn't used drugs in a while.

A records check of the Suburban showed the registration was revoked, and there was no insurance on the vehicle either.

Jesse was asked to perform field sobriety tests, and he consented.

“On the nine-step walk and turn, I observed he could not keep his balance during the instructional stage. When I instructed him to place his right foot in front of his left, he put his left foot in front of his right. He brought his right foot back multiple times. When I stated he could begin the test with his left foot, he started with his left foot.

"I placed him back in the correct position. During the test, he stopped watching his feet. After completing an improper turn by lifting his front plant foot, he stopped walking. On the return nine, he raised his arms more than six inches from his body. I observed four out of eight clues. On the one-leg stand, I observed him sway side to side, raise his arms more than approximately six inches from his body, and put his foot down. I observed three out of four clues."

Because of the witness stating he was slumped over and the results of field tests, Ryan felt he was too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely and placed him under arrest.

During an inventory of the vehicle, Trooper Ryan located two used syringes with a brown tar substance in the caps underneath the driver's seat. Ryan Also found a metal spoon that had a brown residue on it. Ryan observed track marks on his right arm from injecting illegal narcotics. The residue on the spoon and in the needles both tested positive for heroin/opiates by a field test.

A criminal history check of Seaver showed he had at least two convictions for possession of a controlled substance in the past seven years and one DUI conviction in 2020. There was another DUI charge that was dismissed in 2020.

Seaver stated he was on probation but couldn't tell Ryan his agent's name. Trooper Ryan contacted Agent Cook, saying he had been looking for Seaver for approximately five months. Dispatch advised Ryan he was a fugitive on the run from Adult Probation and Parole.


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