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A Man Following A Female On US-40 Tries To Ram Her Vehicle


At around 2:00 am on Saturday, December 9th, 2023, UHP Trooper Lorensen was notified of a domestic incident that occurred on US-40. The complainant/victim reported to 911 that she had been choked by her daughter's father, 30-year-old James Dean Allen.

The victim stated she was back home in Vernal, and James was no longer with her, and he left, returning to Roosevelt in a maroon 1999 Chevrolet Silverado.

Trooper Lorensen immediately called the victim, and she gave him a verbal description of what had happened. The victim said on Friday, 12/8/23, at around 10:45 pm, she and her two young children had gone to Roosevelt with James to retrieve his work truck. Once they recovered the vehicle, James left his place of work with the victim and her children in James's 1999 Chevrolet.

While driving through Ballard, James, who the victim believed to be under the influence of meth, became paranoid that the victim was going to someone else house to cheat on him. James, being paranoid and angry, began trying to ram the Chevy driven by the victim. She was able to get away and started driving toward Vernal on US-40.

The victim stated the Silverado she was driving ran out of gas about five miles outside Vernal. Once the victim stopped on the side of the road, James pulled her from the truck and started choking her, where she was unable to breathe.

James let go, got a gas can from his work truck, and put some fuel in the victim's truck. The victim continued home with James following her in his work truck. After returning home, James let the victim have her phone back, and he returned to Roosevelt. When James left, the victim called 911.

The victim stated this was not the first time he had attacked her and that she wanted to press charges against him in this case. She said that he had previously been arrested in Salt Lake County relating to assaults on her. During their discussion, James tried calling the victim. Shortly after his attempt at calling, the Trooper's call was disconnected. Trooper Lorensen then began receiving text messages from the victim's phone, stating that she no longer wanted to press charges. The victim said that she does not have a job, and James was the only source of income for her and her children.

Trooper Lorensen advised her to at least photograph the marks on her neck from the assault, and she said she would, but the Trooper never received any information that the victim did so. The victim stopped cooperating with the investigation before the Trooper could conduct a lethality assessment.

Later in the afternoon, Trooper Lorensen tried calling the victim, but she wouldn't answer his calls. She occasionally answered simple questions via text messages. The Trooper drove to the victim's house, where she filled out a witness statement. During the conversation, Trooper Lorensen noticed the victim had bruising on both sides of her neck and took pictures for evidence.

The Trooper contacted the Uintah County Prosecutor’s Office and explained the incident. They discussed what charges were appropriate in this situation. Trooper Lorensen then sent a message to all the local law enforcement agencies informing them of the situation and that he was looking for James Allen.

Trooper Lorensen made multiple attempts to contact James throughout the investigation, but he would not return any calls or messages. Eventually, James returned a phone call and agreed to meet at a location in Ballard at 3:00 pm on Saturday, December 10th, 2023. During the phone call, James confirmed many of the details provided by the victim. Some of those details were the location of the Chevy running out of gas, the presence of the children inside the vehicle, and that he tried ramming the vehicle the victim was driving.

Before the Trooper and James were supposed to meet, the victim called in James's location to dispatch. A traffic stop was initiated on James, and he was subsequently arrested at 11:22 am by a Deputy from Uintah County.

James Allen was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of aggravated assault, two counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, interference with a communication device, and reckless driving.


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