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A man beats his wife after he accidentally gets hit with a children’s toy


Ballard. Ut.- On 8/22/23, Deputy Mieure was dispatched to a residence in Ballard regarding a domestic that occurred on 8/11/23. Dispatch advised that the complainant was not at the address and requested a phone call.

Deputy Mieure contacted the complainant, who informed him that on 8/11/23, she had gotten into a verbal argument with her husband, 28-year-old Dakota Dean Slaugh, over some issues they were having.

The complainant stated the argument escalated when she tossed a toy off their bed and accidentally hit Dakota with the toy. She stated that Dakota jumped toward her, pushed her onto the bed, and got on top of her, pinning her down by holding her hands by her wrists above her head.

While Dakota was on top of her, he continued to yell at her for throwing the toy at him. The complainant said at one point, while Dakota was on top of her, he pressed his forearm over her neck before she could escape.

When the victim was able to escape, she went into the living room to get away from Dakota. He followed after her and threw her into the wall and furniture. She stated that she grabbed her phone to call 911, and Dakota took it out of her hand, threw it at the wall, and then broke the phone.

The victim retreated into the bedroom and locked the door to keep Dakota out. The victim stayed in the bedroom for the night while Dakota stayed in the living room.

The victim showed Deputy Mieure pictures of some of the bruises she received on her legs and some scratches on her face, hand, and arms. She also stated that these injuries were received during the incident on August 11th.

Dakota was located at the residence later in the day, placed under arrest, and transported to the Uintah County Jail to be booked on one count of domestic assault and one count of damaging a communication device.

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Sep 03, 2023

These men that have been attacking their wives or girlfriends are sounding like big fat spoiled brats!! 🙏 ladies please, leave them...🤕🤢😱

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