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A Man Arrested In Duchesne County With A Large Amount Of Drugs And Cash


Roosevelt—On 3/31/24, at 8:00 pm, Roosevelt PD Officer Harrison located a vehicle while out on patrol with a revoked registration. As the officer was about to make a traffic stop, the vehicle immediately pulled off the road.

Officer Harrison stopped the vehicle, and the driver was identified as 49-year-old Russell Robert Sweat by his driver’s license. Russell is also on probation with AP&P.

During the traffic stop, the officer noticed that Russell was shaking and appeared overly nervous. Russell was asked to step out of the vehicle, where Russell gave the officer the registration for a different vehicle and wasn’t able to find any other information.

Officer Harrison had Russell empty his pockets on the hood of the patrol vehicle, then contacted his parole officer, who advised Officer Harrison to search Russell and his vehicle.

When searching the vehicle and opening the door, the officer immediately found a loaded syringe with a clear liquid consistent with meth. On the floor near the center console was a black bag. In the bag was a large amount of a white crystal substance consistent with meth. In the same bag were multiple other baggies of meth.

Officer Harrison found several baggies of blue pills consistent with Fentanyl. One of the bags of pills contained multiple other bags for packaging. In the same bag was a large amount of cash, all consistent with the possession with intent to distribute. Located in a tin cap was some brown residue consistent with heroin.

Russell Sweat was placed under arrest, transported to the hospital for medical clearance, and then taken to the Duchesne County Jail without incident.

Russell was booked for possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, a 2nd-degree felony; possession with intent to distribute Fentanyl, a schedule 2 drug, a 2nd-degree felony; possession of methamphetamine, a 3rd-degree felony; possession of heroin, a 3rd-degree felony; possession of a drug, paraphernalia a class A misdemeanor, revoked registration a class C Misdemeanor, and no insurance a class c misdemeanor.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.


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