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A Male Tells A Female, “If You're Not Out Of My Camper, I Will Have Someone Beat Your Ass."


| Naples, Ut. | May 20th, 2024 |

At around 8:00 pm, Officer Beatty was dispatched to a residence in Naples regarding the complainant and her friend being threatened by a male individual.

The female began telling the officer that 41-year-old James Alfred Gates had threatened her to the point where she chose to block his number. She stated that James told her that if she wasn't out of his camper that he would have someone beat my ass, you stupid dumb c**t.

The friend told Officer Beatty because she and some others were helping the victim, James started to threaten them as well. The friend showed the officer some text messages between the two, and James told the friend that he would come to her house because he believed they were taking things that belonged to him and having someone beat her up as well.

James told the friend that if law enforcement gets called on him, he isn't going down alone, further saying the two females would go to jail with him.

While Officer Beatty was speaking with the females, James called. The officer who answered the phone identified himself and asked James to explain what was going on. James ended the call immediately. Officer Beatty tried calling James multiple times but with no response.

On May 21st, Officer Beatty followed up with the two females, who stated that even after the friend told James not to contact her, he still sent her a message. The officer was also told that another individual who was staying at the residence and had helped the victim was being threatened by James.

This person (SM) informed the officer that James had been sending him threatening messages for helping the victim. SM stated he had received threats from James because he believed he was assisting the victim in taking items that didn't belong to her.

James stated in a message to SM, "U all can just fucking go to hell, so ya, I have a baseball bat waiting for all three of ya." "The victim will be the first bitch I ever have even thought of beatin when I cstch up to her just like BG (the friend) and u."

On the evening of May 23rd, Officer Beatty was notified by another officer that they had located and taken James Gate to the Uintah County Jail on a 72-hour Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) hold.

Officer Beatty was also told by James’ AP&P agent that James stated he was planning on killing BG, the victim, and SM. The agent relayed that information to Officer Beatty before this report was written and will include that narrative in a separate document.

On May 24th, Officer Beatty interviewed James at the Uintah County Jail. During the conversation, James stated that he only wanted to get them to look over their shoulder or to scare them.

James was informed he is now receiving new charges, to which he asked if it would affect him being released after his 72-hour hold was up. He was told that it had the potential to change that. Officer Beatty stated, James seemed unconcerned about it.

James Alfred Gates was charged with:

2 Counts of Threats of Violence

2 Counts of Electronic Communication Harassment

1 Count of Harassment

1 Count of Threats of Violence DV

1 Count of Electronic Communication Harassment DV

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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