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A Male Slams A 15 Year Old Female Against A Car, Throws Her down, Then Drags Her Down The Road

By Travis Uresk 1nationjustice

Vernal, Utah, 10/19/23

911 received a call from a complainant stating a male was following a female, and the female was bleeding from the face. An assisting Officer arrived in the area and located the male, who is identified by name and date of birth as 22-year-old Keagan Lee McDonald Knowles.

Keagen ran away from the first officer on scene after he was told to stop. Officer Ross met the officer and Keagen at around 50 East 600 North. Keagen was placed into handcuffs by the first on scene officer.

Officer Ross spoke with Keagen and asked him what occurred tonight, and he stated he had gotten into an argument with his friend, who is 15 years old. Keagen said nothing else happened, but the first officer informed Ross that Keagen threw some items while engaged in the foot pursuit.

A tooter was found in the grass where Keagen was first seen. He was placed in handcuffs.

It was found that Keagen had a couple of active state-wide warrants for his arrest, and the female was no longer in the area.

Keagan was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle and transported to the Uintah County Jail. While at the Jail, Keagan informed the Jail staff that he used "blue M30s" two days ago. Keagan stated he knew the pills were fentanyl, and he started detoxing quickly. Keagan required a medical clearance by Jail standards and was transported to the ARMC ER.

While at the hospital, Keagan told medical staff that he used methamphetamine and fentanyl recently. Officer Ross read Keagan his rights per Miranda, and he agreed to speak with him. Keagan disclosed that he and the Victim were dating for the last couple of weeks and had previously spent the night together. While speaking with Keagan, he told the officer multiple parts of this incident that would not match what he previously stated.

Keagan was cleared from the hospital and transported back to the Jail to be booked.

Keagan stated this started with the Victim wanting to leave after finding out about possible current drug use that she did not want to be a part of. Keagan said he didn't want the Victim to leave. Keagan stated he got in front of the Victim but only held her head; nothing else physical occurred. Keagan stated at that time, a random male showed up and separated him and the Victim. Keagan later disclosed that he did grab the Victim to get her to stop from leaving. Keagan stated the Victim still wanted to leave, but he did not want her to, and he "Stopped her." Keagan said the Victim tried to get him off of her, and a random male separated them. Keagan stated the "tooter" Ross located was utilized to smoke the fentanyl pills.

The complainant stated that Keagan slammed the Victim into a car and dragged her down to the ground. The complainant stated Keagan was on top of the Victim for approximately 20 seconds before he grabbed him and threw Keagan off the Victim. The complainant said Keagan ran after the Victim after he told him to leave her alone.

Affidavit statement from Officer Ross:

"The current offenses are not felonies, but based upon the evidence and witness statement, Keagan Knowles is a substantial danger to the community and the Victim. Keagan previously stopped the Victim from leaving his presence due to his not wanting her to leave. Keagan then slammed her against a vehicle, got on top of her, and had to be stopped by a concerned citizen who forcibly removed Keagan from the Victim. Keagan continued to follow the Victim until Officers arrived on the scene, where he ran away from Officers. Keagan led Officers on a foot chase and had to be forcibly restrained. Keagan knows where the Victim resides as he has stayed there previously. Keagan has shown that he will likely flee the area if released on bail, and I am requesting no bail."


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