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A male crashes into a parked car, the investigation leads to finding stolen property


Vernal, Utah.- At 9:45 am on 2/3/24, Sgt Watt was dispatched to a traffic accident at 245 S 200 W. During the investigation, it was discovered that a black SUV had crashed into an unoccupied car on the side of the road.

During the traffic investigation, Sgt Watt could smell the strong odor of burnt marijuana inside the vehicle. During the probable cause search of the vehicle, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found, and 34-year-old Patrick Kody Hagele was later cited.

During the search, inside a backpack that contained drug items, 4-5 small souvenir spoons, which are small silver spoons with engravings or inscriptions indicating a State, building, or a place. These spoons appeared to be old based on their color. Patrick stated something to the effect that he collects them.

Also found during the search was an orange prescription pill bottle full of two-tone green capsules. The label on the bottle was partially ripped off, so the name of the person and the name of the drug were missing.

Patrick was asked about the pills, and he stated that they belonged to an elderly lady who provided a name to the officer. Patrick said he had recently given her a ride to pick up her groceries, and she must have left them in his car.

Sgt Watt got suspicious of his story based on the label being intentionally scraped off and where the bottle was found because the label appeared to be old, because there was a child's rear-facing car seat in the back seat, and there was not a lot of room between them for groceries.

Sgt Watt asked Patrick again to give him the prescription owner's name. He looked at the name the officer wrote down and corrected the spelling of the last name (which was still not what the person's real name ended up being.) Patrick also provided Sgt Watt with a phone number for the owner but changed the last digit after the officer had written the first number he gave him.

Later that morning, Sgt Watt called the correct phone number that Patrick had given, but this number came back to a male living outside Utah. The officer then called the original number, which the person who said they owned the prescription answered.

Sgt Watt spoke with this person about possibly leaving her prescription in Patrick's car. She said she was familiar with Patrick, who the woman knew by Kody, but she denied ever being in his car or giving him any prescription pills.

The woman told the officer that Patrick came by her house earlier this week but again denied giving him her pills.

Sgt Watt met with the woman at the Police Department to have her look at the pill bottle. She wasn't immediately familiar with the pills but said it could be an old prescription.

The woman and Sgt Watt went to Davis Food and Drug, where the prescription was originally filled, to verify whether they could have been hers. While at the pharmacy, the pharmacist saw them walking toward him and retrieved a prescription for the woman who had not yet picked them up.

This new prescription was the same pills that were found in Patrick's car. The woman stated she didn't recognize the pills because she doesn't really take them and that Patrick must have taken them from her house earlier in the week when he was there.

The woman said Patrick comes over and tries to preach to her about the Bible. She also mentioned that when Patrick was at her house last, he took a collectible spoon from her from Arizona. He called the woman the next day and told her he accidentally took it.

The woman told Sgt Watt that Patrick had looked at the other collectible spoons that she had and told her the one from Germany was worth a lot of money. Patrick commented about her probably not wanting to sell any of them, which she thought was odd. Sgt Watt informed the woman when he found her prescription in his car. He also had a few collector spoons in a backpack.

She and the officer went to her residence to look at her spoon collection and see if any were missing. Looking at the racks, she immediately noticed two were missing from one rack and seven were missing from another. She also saw some old silver spoons missing and described them to the officer.

She was asked about the spoon from Germany that Patrick told her was worth a lot of money. She stated that after he told her the value of it, she moved it from the shelf where it was displayed to a china hutch. Upon looking in the china hutch, the woman said it was also gone. Sgt Watt asked if Patrick was still there when she moved that particular spoon to the china hutch, and she stated that he was.

She also informed the officer that her front door deadbolt house key was missing and had been removed from her keyring within the last few days. She stated that the only person around her house when she had the keys was Patrick or her small grandkids, whom she watched during the week.

Based on the spoons Sgt Watt found in Patrick's vehicle earlier during the accident investigation and the woman's stolen prescription pills that were recovered in Patrick's vehicle, the officer gathered information to put together a search warrant affidavit for the missing spoons.

Sgt Watt went by Patrick's house and saw him outside his garage, and he appeared to be working on his vehicle. Another officer was watching from a distance in case he left while Sgt Watt was working on the search warrant affidavit. Patrick's probation officer was contacted, and AP&P Agent Peterson was to inform him of the investigation.

A short time later, Patrick left his house in his vehicle, so an assisting officer pulled him over. He was detained until Sgt Watt could get there.

Sgt Watt now had probable cause to arrest Patrick for the stolen pills. Patrick was placed in handcuffs and informed he was being detained. Patrick was advised of his Miranda Rights and agreed to speak about the spoons and pills.

Patrick stated that the woman handed him the spoons, and he put them in his pocket but didn't intend to steal them. He confirmed that he did call the woman the next day and told her he accidentally took the spoon from Arizona and some others. This story contradicted what the woman reported about him, only accidentally taking the Arizona spoon.

When asked about the pills, Patrick stated that the woman gave him the prescription a few months ago because he had a rash on his leg where his prosthetic leg rubs. This statement also contradicted the victim's statement and Patrick's first statement earlier today when the pills were found when he stated that she must have accidentally left them in his car. Patrick indicated that she had given him other prescription pills also over time.

A consent search of the car was performed, and an assisting officer found four souvenir spoons in the front dashboard area of the vehicle. No other contraband or spoons were located inside the car.

Both Patrick and his wife consented to a search of their house. The officers went over to the house and were assisted by Patrick's Probation Officer. Patrick led them upstairs and showed Sgt Watt where one of the spoons, the Arizona spoon, was on his desk, and another was on his nightstand.

There were other older spoons also on his nightstand. When asked about them, he stated they had been given to him by his father. Patrick was questioned about the other spoons on his nightstand and the other known missing silver spoons, such as the one from Germany.

He denied ever taking a spoon from Germany but said there was one from France, which was never located.

During the search of the residence, Patrick was taken downstairs. Sgt Watt had his wife come upstairs to verify which ones were Patrick's and which were not. During the search, his wife opened a small safe on his nightstand. Inside the safe was a small prescription bottle with the same female's name on the label, and the prescription was for Gabapentin for a canine.

Inside the safe were other trinkets Patrick's wife did not recognize as his, including an old heart-shaped silver jewelry box with a broken leg, a small silver heart belt buckle, and some earrings and rings. The items Patrick's wife did not recognize as being theirs were taken.

 During the search, Sgt Watt found mostly empty marijuana dispensary bags and an empty plastic dispensary bottle in the master bathroom, where Patrick stated he had used the marijuana earlier, but no pipe was found. AP&P also located another dispensary bag with marijuana and a plastic dispensary tube containing a partially smoked marijuana cigarette in the garage.

When asked about the location of the metal pipe, which Patrick earlier stated that he had, he told Sgt Watt that it was clogged when Patrick tried to use it and threw it away, indicating that this happened another day and not today, as he initially said.

At one point, Patrick became angry with his probation officer and the situation, so he was taken out to a patrol vehicle. While out in a patrol vehicle, Sgt Watt showed him all the items taken from upstairs in and around his safe so he knew what the officer had.

After being shown those items, he confirmed they belonged to the victim. Patrick was asked about the other prescription bottle with the victim's name on it, and he stated she gave it to him. He was then transported to the jail.

Sgt Watt met with the victim and showed her the different spoons, trinkets, and jewelry. She verified that all jewelry except one pink diamond heart ring was hers. One of the rings was a Uintah High class ring from the same year she graduated. One of the earrings was from a set with matching earrings and a necklace with the same pendant design. However, only one earring was present.

The victim stated that some items, mainly the jewelry, had been removed from her bedroom. She stated that Patrick was never in her bedroom when he came over earlier that week, and it is suspected that he may have returned to her home when she was gone and taken those items.

Sgt Watt showed her the small canine prescription bottle with her name, and she verified it was hers from her dog that was put down not too long ago. She stated that the prescription bottle also would have come from her bedroom.

Patrick was booked into the Uintah County Jail. Prior to going to jail, he was asked if he had any other drugs or contraband on him. The officer has known other people with prosthetics to conceal contraband inside of them. Patrick denied having anything else on his person.

While being searched by the Corrections Deputies, they located another glass pipe with partially burnt marijuana in one end, which was concealed in his sock.

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