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A Male And Female were Arrested For Squatting At The Twin Cedar Apartments

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 24th, 2023 | Criminal Trespass |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 1/18/23, Officer McCurdy, was dispatched to 250 North 200 West; #32 of a report of trespassing in progress. The call notes summarized Stephen Larry Edwards was evicted, and he kicked in the door to the apartment.

Call notes continued that Stephen is squatting at the property and thinks he will be on foot, not in a vehicle. This information was all reported by complainant Brandon Parker, with Century 21, who manages the Twin Cedar Apartment Complex.

Multiple Vernal City Police Department Officers arrived in the area.

While standing outside the door to the apartment Officer McCurdy was advised by a neighbor in the apartment directly north-facing apartment #31 that he saw Stephen at the residence this morning at the apartment.

Officer McCurdy was told by the neighbor that the apartment number was actually #31, directly next door to the west. The Officer looked at apartment #31 and saw the door appeared as if someone had made a forced entry into the residence, and the door was not completely closed.

Officer McCurdy knocked on the door to apartment #31, and the door opened upon knocking and saw the door frame to be broken, and the trim ripped off from the frame.

Due to no one being allowed inside the residence and the apparent property damage, a protective sweep was conducted by law enforcement on the scene. Upon entry Officer McCurdy immediately came into contact with Stephen Edwards, who he knew from past law enforcement incidents with him.

Stephen was immediately placed into handcuffs and advised why he was being detained.

Law Enforcement located Amanda Evers, also inside the residence. At this time, the property manager, Brandon Parker, arrived, and he showed me on his phone from Eighth District Court Vernal an order to evict Stephen on December 14, 2022.

Due to the facts, Stephen and Amanda were arrested for Criminal Trespass upon a dwelling. Stephen and Amanda went into an apartment that both did not have lawful authority to be in and was not open to the public, and Stephen was subsequently evicted from.

Officer McCurdy conducted a search incident to arrest Stephen. Inside his front right coin pocket, he found a bag with a white crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine. Also located on Stephen's person was a financial transaction code with another person's name associated with the card.

Stephen was advised of his rights per Miranda and consented to speak with Officer McCurdy.

When Stephen was asked about why he was in possession of another person's financial transaction card, Stephen said he located the card inside the apartment. Stephen could not explain why he would put another person's card with his cards.

Officer Oldham searched Amanda, and a glass pipe with a white crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine was found. Amanda told Officer Oldham that there was a glass pipe inside her coat.

While on scene Sergeant Gledhill confirmed with the property manager, Brandon Parker, that he had already once fixed the door and the damage seen today was new. Officer Oldham transported Amanda to the Uintah County Jail, while Officer McCurdy transported Stephen to the jail.

While at jail Officer McCurdy was provided with a black bag containing a white crystal substance consistent with methamphetamine located in his patrol vehicle. Officer McCurdy was advised by Officer Oldham he would conduct a search of his patrol vehicle after anyone was transported.

Officer Oldham advised the drugs located were not inside his patrol vehicle before transporting Amanda to the jail. Amanda was advised of her rights per Miranda and consented to speak with Officer McCurdy.

Amanda originally denied the drugs from Oldham's patrol vehicle belonging to her, then later admitted the drugs were hers. Due to the facts stated above, Stephen was charged with the listed charges below.

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