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A hotel guest arrested with 17.3 grams of meth.

By Travis Uresk 1Nationjustice


Naples, Ut.- On 9/12/2023, Sgt. Gray of the Naples Police Department was called to the Sure Stay Hotel at 1935 South 1500 East on a report of a suspicious male with a gun.

When Sgt Gray arrived, he spoke with a male hotel guest who stated that the man had left the hotel earlier in a gray SUV and then returned. The guest reported that the male had what appeared to be an AR-15-style rifle in a backpack and possibly other guns that he had taken inside the hotel.

The male guest pointed out the gray passenger car, and the Officer ran the plate number, and it returned to being owned by 49-year-old Johnny Quiyaga Angel. A dark complected male walked by the gray SUV, and the Officer asked him if he owned the vehicle, to which he replied, "No."

Sgt. Gray ran Johnny's information on his computer and looked up his driver's license. The photo on his license matched the description of the male the Officer spoke with. It showed that Johnny's license was not valid and that he was on probation with AP&P.

Johnny's PO was called, and he responded to their location. The agent stated Johnny had recently moved and hadn't checked in with him when he was supposed to. Dispatch also confirmed that Johnny is a convicted felon.

Johnny was located trying to leave out the back of the hotel by a UCSO Deputy. Johnny returned to the hotel and walked up the stairs, where another UCSO Deputy located him. Johnny appeared to be unarmed at this time.

Johnny had a Camel cigarette box in his left hand, while Sgt. Gray was searching for him. Inside the cigarette box were two small clear baggies that contained methamphetamine.

Johnny Angel was placed into handcuffs and walked outside of the motel room. While walking out to the patrol vehicle, the AP&P agent informed Johnny that his room would be searched and asked if they would find anything illegal inside the room (specifically guns) that Johnny should not be in possession of. Johnny said there wasn't.

Inside the room were several bottles and cans, both open and unopened, Budweiser and White Claw drinks. Agent Peterson confirmed that Johnny was interdicted and should not be in possession of any alcoholic beverages.

Behind the entrance door to the room was a machete with a black handle approximately 18-inch long blade, another machete that had been attached to a wooden handle with duct tape, and one knife that had been cut down to around 3 inches.

They also found a crossbow with an arrow near it and several interchangeable arrow tips on the bed. In a pair of shorts located in the bathroom were more clear baggies with several larger-sized crystal-like substance that was methamphetamine.

There was also a black plastic container that had marijuana inside of it. A green lighter was found in the hotel room as well. A clear glass pipe was found inside another article of clothing.

Johnny admitted to owning all the bladed weapons, the crossbow, and the alcohol. He also admitted to possessing baggies of methamphetamine and using meth earlier in the day. Johnny submitted to a portable breath test, which showed a result of .000 BrAC.

Johnny was transported to the Uintah County Jail by a UCSO Deputy. Sgt. Gray arrived at the jail and booked Angel in on Possession of Methamphetamine With Intent to Distribute, three counts of a Felon In Possession Of a Dangerous Weapon, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Unlawful Purchase by an Interdicted Person. The baggies were weighed once Sgt. Gray returned to NPD, and the combined weight was 17.3 grams. This amount is much higher than the typical "user" amount.


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