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A fugitive from AP&P found at the Econo Lodge Motel

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 16th, 2023 | Fugitive & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On Saturday, April 1st, 2023, Officer White responded to a report of a wanted person, 45-year-old Eric Gerald Osborn, who had been staying at the Econo Lodge in Vernal, Ut.

Before the Officer arrived on the scene, he contacted central dispatch and asked if they could conduct a records search of Eric. Dispatch responded that they had located several active arrest warrants for Eric and an NCIC listing. He was also a fugitive from AP&P.

Cpl. Pummell and Officer White arrived at the Motel and discovered Eric was staying in room 132. The two Officers made several attempts to contact Eric by knocking on the door and the window, but Eric wouldn't answer.

Eric’s girlfriend had been there and informed the Officers that she had been outside of the Motel room for an hour waiting for Eric to give her the car keys so she could leave, but Eric refused to do so, and she confirmed he had remained in that room the entire time.

Eventually, Eric emerged from his Motel room and was immediately apprehended by the police and placed in handcuffs.

While speaking with Eric, the police observed that he was acting abnormally and smelled strongly of alcohol. The Officers suspected Eric was under the influence of some kind of substance due to his being jittery and scattered mannerisms when speaking.

Before being placed in a patrol vehicle, a search of his person was conducted, at which time it was believed that most items had been removed from his person.

Eric was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on his warrants.

During the second search of Eric at the jail, the jail staff found three small loose pills falling from Eric's person onto the floor. The pills were stamped with alza 18 and were found to be 18mg Concentra pills, which are categorized as a Schedule ll controlled substance. They also conducted a portable breath test which tested positive for a substantial amount of alcohol in his system.

While at the jail, Sgt. Watt contacted Officer White, who also arrived at the Motel and remained at the scene. They learned that Eric and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument earlier that day, which had resulted in a physical fight.

In her witness statement, she wrote, "During the fight, Eric bent her over the bed and dug his knee into her lower backside, he then grabbed her hair and pulled it several times and yelled Is this how you like to be raped you little whore."

After the altercation, the victim stated that her neck began to hurt badly. Officer White later met with the victim, who indicated she and Eric had been dating for nearly two years. She also stated the argument was because he had taken her keys and told her he would not return them to her. Officer White asked if she wanted him to be charged with theft of the keys, and she reluctantly stated she did.

At the time of Eric's arrest, he was under the supervision of AP&P, though he was a fugitive from them. Agent Barnes arrived on the scene to assist and decided to conduct a probation search of Eric's motel room.

As a result of the search, used syringes with residue and blood on them, new needles, a spoon containing burnt residue, a scale containing a white crystal residue, two open bags of THC concentrate gummies, a small black scale, a small red baggie containing a white crystal substance, small silver cups containing a white crystal substance, a broken glass pipe with a white substance, and burnt residue in the stem, and some small white balls of cotton, a pill bottle that contained 133 10mg Ambien pills.

All these items had been discovered inside Eric's motel room in and around his belongings. While at the jail, Eric told one of the Correction Officers that he does meth.

Eric had a prescription bottle containing 21 Concentra pills with his child's name on the bottle. Eric allegedly tried to return the pills to the child's mother. The prescription bottle indicated that it had been filled in May 2020, and they expired in May 2021, and that child was not seen, and therefore it is not reasonable for the pills to have been lose on Eric's person.

Also, Eric's ex-wife showed up on the scene and informed an Officer that Eric had taken the prescription a long time ago and she had to go have them replaced.

Eric had been convicted of theft twice within the last ten years. Due to the information the police received on Eric Osborn. He will also be booked on the charges of:

-Transporting Medicine into a correctional facility for having, without the permission of the correctional facility, knowingly transported to or upon a correctional facility medicine pursuant to UCA.

- Assault with a domestic violence enhancement for having committed an act, with unlawful force or violence, which caused bodily injury to an individual which whom he had been in a sexual relationship with pursuant to UCA.

-Possession of a Schedule II controlled substance for having knowingly and intentionally possessed multiple loose pills of a Schedule II controlled substance (Concentra)pursuant to UCA.

- Possession of a schedule II controlled substance for having knowingly and intentionally possessed a schedule II controlled substance (methamphetamine)pursuant to UCA.

- Possession of marijuana for having been in possession of a TCH product without having a valid medical marijuana card pursuant to UCA.

- Possession of drug paraphernalia for having been in possession with the intent to use the paraphernalia to store, contain, conceal, inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce a controlled substance into the human body pursuant to UCA.

- Intoxication for having been under the influence of alcohol to such a degree that he posed a safety risk and/or danger to himself or another pursuant to UCA.

- Theft for having taken the property of another with the intention to deprive them thereof, which was eligible for enhancement due to the prior theft convictions pursuant to UCA.

Eric Osborn had been under AP&P supervision. While under their supervision, he failed to check in and became a fugitive from them for some time. Additionally, he had 10 active arrest warrants during his apprehension, including four felony charges.

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