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A Fight Breaks Out At The Gateway Bar

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 11th, 2022 | Obstruction Of Justice |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 12/4/2022, Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to the Gateway bar, where it was reported that there was a fight in progress involving three males.

When Officer Russell arrived, he was informed that a male inside was involved and was being detained by patrons until law enforcement arrived.

The male was later identified as 26-year-old Tommy Ray Oliverria by his California driver's license. Tommy was taken into custody and escorted to the front doors, where Officer Russell placed him in handcuffs. It was explained that he was not yet under arrest but that he was being detained during the investigation.

Tommy was escorted to the rear of Officer Russell’s patrol vehicle, where he began talking to him about the fight. Tommy said, "he was not going to rat his boys out."

Officer Russell explained to Tommy that he would not take him to jail if he gave him information on where to find the two males fighting with the victim in the parking lot.

Officer Russell was informed before his arrival that the two males fighting with the victim in the parking lot had taken off on foot through a field next to the Gateway.

Sergeant Watkins was able to locate a direction of travel with his Police K-9 in the area east of the Gateway.

Tommy told the Officers he and his friends were staying at Motel 8. Officer Russell told Tommy that I was going to complete the citation and that he was going to let him leave in a taxi.

After completing the citation for Tommy, he left the Gateway in a taxi. As the taxi left the parking lot, it turned east on US 40, which is not the direction of Motel 8.

Officer Russell followed the taxi. Officer Russell watched the taxi turn into the Split Mountain Motel and saw Tommy exit the taxi.

Officer Russell pulled into the Motel's parking lot and began walking toward Tommy, hiding behind the Motel.

When Officer Russell approached Tommy, he could hear that he was on the phone talking to someone telling the person that he was at the Motel and asking where they were at.

Officer Russell approached Tommy from behind before calling out to him. Tommy was frightened and turned to run away from the Officer but stopped. When he asked Tommy who he was talking to and where his friends were, he told me they weren't there yet.

Officer Russell explained to Tommy that because he lied to him about where his friends were and that he would meet with them at the Motel, he would take him to jail for obstruction along with his original disorderly and intoxication charges.

Tommy was placed in handcuffs and was told that he was now under arrest. Tommy was escorted to the backseat of the Officer’s patrol vehicle again and assisted into the rear seat, where he was secured.

Tommy was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on obstruction, disorderly, and intoxication charges. Charges are obstruction since Tommy committed obstruction of justice.

It should be noted that Tommy is not from Utah but from California and is only here for work.

According to the affidavit, Tommy has not been truthful on the whereabouts of the suspects that were involved in the assault incident or his location in that matter. Officer Russell said Tommy has the ability to skip bail and not return for any future court hearings, and that Tommy has a no-bail hold placed on him.


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