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A Female Steals Her Roommates SNAP Card And Spends Hundreds Of Dollars

By Travis Uresk 10/26/23

Vernal, Utah 10/11/23

(1nationjustice) Cpl Johnstun was dispatched on a follow-up detail regarding someone using a food stamps (SNAP) card.

Johnstun contacted the complainant by phone, and she indicated that she and her husband had been living with her husband’s ex-wife, 29-year-old Allison Kinsey McGuire. The complainant stated she and her husband were kicked out of the apartment by Allison the prior weekend.

The complainant indicated that Allison threw all their property out when she was kicked out of the apartment. She had Allison on a recording stating that the complainant's SNAP card was packed in with the rest of her and her husband's items.

The complainant provided the recording to Cpl Johnstun. An officer was standing by with his body cam activated when Allison stated the card was in with the complainant's property. The complainant said she and her husband were in the process of moving and were currently out of state.

The complainant said she had noticed two charges on her SNAP card that she didn't authorize. She stated the charges were at Walmart and 7-Eleven. The complainant suspected Allison had retained the card and used it. The woman provided screenshots from her SNAP account showing the charges.

Cpl Johnstun saw there had been a charge of $731.78 at Walmart and $82.11 at 7-Eleven. The total amount charged to the card was $813.89 from the two transactions. The transactions were made during the morning of 10/11/23.

Johnstun proceeded to 7-Eleven at 501 East Main Street in Vernal and was able to collect video footage of the transaction. Johnstun recognized the female making the transaction as Allison from viewing body camera footage from the civil incident the weekend prior. A 7-Eleven employee provided Johnstun with the transaction record, which showed a charge of $82.11.

He then went to Walmart at 1851 West Highway 40 in Vernal, Utah, and met with a Walmart employee. She was able to locate a transaction record for the purchase at Walmart. She indicated the transaction was an online order, which was picked up that morning. The employee stated the order was made with a Walmart account showing the name Allison Morrison and a phone number matching the phone number Allison had called dispatch from during the weekend incident. Cpl Johnstun noted the total for the transaction was $731.78.

On 10/12/2023, Cpl Johnstun contacted Allison at her residence and asked Allison what happened with the SNAP card. Allison told him she had given the card to the complainant. Johnstun confronted Allison about using the card the day prior at 7-Eleven, and she stated she had used cash. Johnstun advised Allison he saw her swipe a card on video, and she indicated she had used her SNAP card, not the complainants. Cpl Johnstun asked Allison to show him her card, and she went inside and returned with a card.

Allison stated she had made a mistake and must have sent her card to the complainant and accidentally retained her card. Johnstun asked Allison to show him her SNAP account on her phone. Allison pulled up the account, and Johnstun noted a balance of under $2.00.

Allison stated she had put her two kids back on her account and believed she had received SNAP benefits for the kids. Cpl Johnstun confronted Allison about having to have used the complainants' PIN when using the card at 7-Eleven. Allison stated she used her PIN and did not know why it would have worked with the complainant's card.

"Cpl Johnstun determined there was probable cause. Allison had acquired a financial transaction card that she knew was lost, mislaid, stolen, or delivered under a mistake as to the identity or address of the cardholder and retained possession with intent to use the financial transaction card. I also determined there was probable cause Allison had knowingly used a revoked, stolen, or fraudulently obtained financial transaction card to obtain goods, property, or services with a value of the goods exceeding $500."~ Cpl Johnstun

Therefore, Allison was arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail. Allison was booked in on the charges of unlawful acquisition of a financial transaction card and unlawful use of a financial transaction card.


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