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A Female Gets Pulled Over And Arrested For No License, Meth, and Marijuana

By Travis Uresk 11/3/23

Ballard, Ut. On 10/29/23, a light-colored Cadillac was traveling near 3300 East Main St. in Ballard when Deputy Fairey ran the registration through the state database. The information returned from the state indicated that the vehicle was registered to a female who lives in Ft. Duchesne with active arrest warrants.

After stopping the vehicle, Deputy Fairey contacted the female driver and positively identified her as 21-year-old Kamry Rose Post. There was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment through the partially open driver's window.

Kamry told Deputy Fairey she was unaware of the active arrest warrants but admitted that her driver's license was invalid and that she had never obtained one.

Dispatch was asked to conduct a check of Kamry's personal information and located a total of three active arrest warrants from local jurisdictions. Dispatch indicated that Kamry's driver's license status was shown as revoked for an alcohol offense. The license record showed a restricted driver, an ignition interlock required, and SR22 insurance restrictions. The record also indicated that it was a skeleton file and that a valid license had not been issued to Kamry. An ignition interlock had not been installed in the vehicle.

Kamry was asked to step out of the vehicle and informed that she was under arrest on the warrants. While taking Kamry into custody, Deputy Fairey detected the strong odor of marijuana coming from her person. Because they were going to jail, Fairey asked Kamry if she was in possession of any prohibited substances on her person. Kamry denied having any contraband on her person.

Before placing her into the patrol vehicle, Fairey spoke to her about the odor of marijuana that he had detected. Kamry admitted to having consumed marijuana earlier in the day and told him that the odor from the car was due to a marijuana cigarette she had placed on the floor.

A search of the vehicle interior was subsequently conducted with the results as follows:

"A glass pipe was on the driver's seat next to the center console. The glass pipe is of the type commonly used to consume methamphetamine and showed evidence of a burnt residue. The burnt residue is believed to be that of methamphetamine."

"A small plastic bindle was located in the center dash ashtray. A white crystalline substance was observed wrapped in the plastic bindle. From experience, I recognized the white crystalline substance as methamphetamine."

"A plastic baggie was located above the passenger side sun visor. The baggie was observed to contain a quantity of green organic material. From experience, I recognized the odor and appearance of the green substance as that of marijuana."

"Personal items of Kamry's, including a wallet with credit/debit cards, were in the passenger door side pocket. The lack of an ignition interlock device was confirmed during the vehicle search."

"After the search, I spoke to Kamry as she sat in my patrol vehicle and read her the Miranda admonition. Following the admonition, Kamry stated that she understood her rights and agreed to speak with me about the traffic stop."~Deputy Fairey

Kamry was asked about the baggie that was located above the passenger sun visor. Kamry identified the substance in the baggie as marijuana and stated that she had seen a friend place the baggie above the visor. Kamry told Fairey that she believed the friend had removed the baggie when she exited the vehicle.

Kamry was asked about the pipe that was located on the driver's seat. Kamry would not state if the pipe belonged to her but admitted that she had been aware it was on the seat. Kamry admitted to having used the pipe to consume methamphetamine and stated that she had last used it approximately two days prior.

Kamry was asked about the white crystalline substance contained in the plastic bindle. Kamry told Fairey that she knew the bindle was in the ashtray but declined to identify the white crystalline substance, stating that Deputy Fairey already knew what the substance was.

Kamry was asked about the ignition interlock requirement and stated that she was unaware she was required to install the device. Kamry was asked if she complied with the SR22 insurance requirement and admitted she did not have the coverage.

Kamry was transported to the jail for booking. While walking into the pre-booking area of the jail, Kamry said, "Ummm, wait, I forgot something in my bra." Kamry was asked about the items and stated that there were two small baggies concealed in her bra. Kamry was asked about the contents of the baggies and stated that they contained methamphetamine.

During the intake process, the baggies were retrieved from Kamry by a female corrections officer and transferred to Deputy Fairey's custody.

A review of Kamry's criminal history showed numerous prior arrests for possession of dangerous drugs, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

Three previous convictions for the possession of methamphetamine were observed within the last three years, with the most recent conviction entered in January of this year. A total of four prior convictions for the possession of marijuana were observed within the past three years, with the most recent conviction (Felony 3) being entered in January of this year.

The baggies, pipe, and other items were booked into evidence at the sheriff's office. The baggies (white crystalline and green organic) have been submitted for testing to confirm the existence of illegal drugs.


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