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A Duchesne County Man Was Arrested & Released For Child Abuse


Duchesne County, Ut. On 1/1/24, dispatch received a domestic violence call in the Roosevelt area of Duchesne County. The reporting party stated that 38-year-old Levi Tate Hancock, who goes by Tate, is intoxicated and assaulted his wife and child.

Upon Deputy Cox's arrival at the area, he contacted the reporting party for directions to the home.

When Tate came outside, he said that he was Tate, "What the fuck do you want?"

Deputy Cox replied that he was called here on a report of a domestic and was there to find out what happened. Tate said Cox could just take him to jail now and put his hands out.

Deputy Cox could visibly see that Tate’s eyes were red and glossy, and while speaking with him, the Deputy could detect a strong odor of alcohol coming from Tate.

Tate was told he wasn't just going to be taken to jail. The Deputy wanted to know what had happened. Tate then invited the Deputy inside the home and called for his son. Deputy Cox could see visible swelling on his left upper cheek with a mark that appeared indented.

The son appeared to be crying, and Tate had him sit down on a chair next to him. Tate said that his son has been giving him problems, not listening, and sneaking out of the house. He said his son snuck out again tonight to go up the road to his brother's house and left by keeping the lights off on the vehicle. Tate said he got mad and "Socked" his son in the face. Then said again, "Just take me to jail."

At this time, based on the injuries being intentional to a child under the age of 18 and Tate being intoxicated and a danger to others. Tate was arrested and transported by another Deputy to the hospital for medical clearance.

After Tate was removed from the residence, Deputy Cox asked the son if he could tell him what had happened. He stated he had become upset and was hyperventilating, and an ambulance was called to come and check on the victim.

The male victim said he was picking others up and taking them home. He then said that he snuck out of the house with his stepmom and went to the other house. He said that he didn't remember what happened or when his dad hit him.

An ambulance arrived shortly after to check on the male victim. Officer Christensen, with the RPD, remained with him while Deputy Cox went to the complainant's residence.

Deputy Cox arrived at the complainant's home to speak with her and the female victim. Two young girls came outside to meet with the Deputy and asked about Tate. Deputy Cox told them not to worry. He wouldn't be coming up here and he was going to jail. The children seemed relieved to hear this news and walked the Deputy inside the home to speak with the complainant.

The complainant took the Deputy to the garage to avoid speaking in front of the children. The complainant said that there was some sort of incident at Tate and his wife's home where their vehicle's window was broken, and the wife's hand was cut.

The complainant had the wife come to her house after Tate kicked her out. The complaint also said that her kids were having a New Year party at her home, and Tate's other daughter called the male victim to help her. She said they could hear Tate banging on a door. She said that the male victim went home and got the daughter out of the window to leave.

The complainant stated that her kids came and told her that Tate busted through the door and was getting out of control. Deputy Cox confirmed what she meant by "busted" into the door, and she said that the kids could not lock the door fast enough. Tate opened the door and walked inside.

The female victim (Wife) said that Tate came up mad, and she was letting him take his kids home since Tate didn't know where his wife was while she was hiding in the laundry room. She stated that she could hear Tate hitting his son and throwing him against the walls. She opened the door and told Tate to knock it off or she would call the cops.

The female victim said that Tate was holding his son by his legs in the air and told her that he was his kid and he would take care of it. She said Tate took his son outside to where the vehicles were and continued to hit him, and that is when his wife called the police.

Deputy Cox attempted to speak with Tate's wife, who was upstairs with wrapping on her hand from the cut. She refused to speak to Deputy Cox about any of tonight's events. It was noted that she appeared to be upset and crying. Any questions Deputy Cox asked her, she didn't really want to answer.

Due to this, Deputy Cox was not able to get any statements that Tate had "Beat" his wife. Tate was spoken to again at the hospital after reading his Miranda Rights. He didn't wish to talk with the Deputy any further.

The ambulance didn't believe the male victim needed to be transported to the hospital at this time but told his stepmother to look for any signs where he may need to go to the hospital.

The wife said that she wanted to “Just let it go.”

She was provided with a domestic violence pamphlet and asked if she would like to speak with a victim's advocate. She said she did not. She also refused medical services for her cut hand. She did move her bandage, and Deputy Cox was able to see a small laceration near her wrist.

The wife asked about Tate's bail, and she was advised that a temporary protective order would be put into place between Tate and his son until they go to court. She had no further questions, and the Deputy left the residence.


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