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A Drunk Man Calls 911 To Get His Keys And Phone Back From His Wife

Updated: Jul 1


Naples, Ut. - On 11/15/23, a man called 911 about a civil problem. He said his wife had taken his phone and keys, and he needed help getting them back.

When Officer McDavid from the Naples Police Department arrived on scene, both parties exited the home onto the front porch to speak with officers. The male, identified as 47-year-old David Zapata, started speaking, saying he needed his keys and phone to go to work in the morning. Officer McDavid told David they would try to determine what was happening.

Mrs. Zapata then stated she had taken the phone and keys away because he had been drinking.

Officer Roth and Officer McDavid separated the two to speak with them. When David was asked what happened, he continued to repeat the same things: he needed his keys and phone to go to work and didn't need anything else. During this conversation, McDavid could smell the odor of alcohol on his breath.

Officer Roth started talking with David about the altercation, and Officer McDavid spoke with Mrs. Zapata to get her side of the story. She stated that she took David's phone because he was drunk and passed out on the bathroom floor, and she couldn't wake him up. This is when she took the phone and keys, looked through David's phone, and found out he was cheating on her. She took the phone outside and hit it with a hammer.

Mrs. Zapata stated that she woke David up by pouring a glass of water on his head due to his not responding to multiple attempts to wake him up. She said the water woke him up, and he asked for his phone and keys. At this point, Mrs. Zapata started to cry, saying David had choked her.

Officer McDavid asked Mrs. Zapata if any of the kids had witnessed the incident, and she said one of her daughters did come upstairs after the choking occurred. Officer Roth, Mrs. Zapata, and Officer McDavid went to the home's back door and inside the kitchen while Mrs. Zapata went to get her daughter.

Officer Roth took Mrs. Zapata into the other room while Officer McDavid spoke with her daughter (With permission from her mother). The daughter stated that she heard footsteps above her room that were much louder than normal. The daughter said the footsteps were so different that it scared her, and she went upstairs to see what was happening.

The daughter stated that when she got to the kitchen, her mother was standing there, and David was standing in the hallway leaning against the wall. Her mother then handed her daughter her phone and said if anything happens, to call the police. Her mother also told her that David had choked her. The daughter stated after this happened, she went back downstairs and went to sleep.

After talking with the daughter, the three went outside to the side of the home. The Officers spoke with David again, leaving Mrs. Zapata by the side of the house. They asked Davis if anything else happened that he wasn't telling them about, and all he continued to say was, "I need my phone and keys to go to work in the morning."

At this point, David was instructed to stand up because he was under arrest for aggravated assault. David stood up, placed his hands behind his back, and escorted him to a patrol vehicle.

Deputy Russell transported David to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charge of aggravated assault.


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