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A 17-year-old man gets jumped by two other teens

By Travis Uresk



Bridgeland, Ut.


At around 10:00 am, Sgt Nichols was patrolling West on East River Road two miles West of Duchesne when he observed a dark-colored sedan make a U-turn and head Westbound.

As Sgt Nichols rounded the corner, he saw a male individual holding his hands up and waving him down. He activated the rear deck of his emergency lights for safety reasons, stopped the vehicle, and made contact with the subject.

The male, identified as a 17-year-old with the initials NC, told Sgt Nichols he had been jumped by two or three individuals in the vehicle he had just seen leave. The male identified his attackers as 18-year-old Atticus Ellis Isbell and a 16-year-old male CJ. Sgt Nichols immediately noticed redness and mild bleeding on NC's head. He later observed additional injuries to both sides of his forehead and face, an abrasion on his elbow, and redness to his back.

NC identified the vehicle as a brown Crown Victoria, which Sgt Nichols requested dispatch issue an attempt to locate (ATL.) NC asked Nichols to pull forward so he could find his phone, an iPhone 13 pro, valued at $1300, which Nichols walked out and found was smashed and slightly curled.

NC reported that he was friends with the vehicle's occupants and was picked up at his residence, where he went willingly. NC's residence was also on East River Road, approximately a mile east of Duchesne. NC reported that Atticus (the driver) stopped the vehicle where Nichols initially found him and got out of the car. NC said they would do some kind of photo op with the vehicle, so he was asked to get out of the vehicle with him, which he did.

NC said Atticus and CJ then jumped him. Atticus lunged forward from the front and put NC in a headlock while CJ came up behind him and started hitting him. They continued to hit NC until he fell to the ground and went into a fetal position, trying to protect his head with his arms.

They both continuously struck him with both their hands and feet. When they were done, Atticus picked up NC's iPhone and threw it against the ground, picked it up, and threw it down again, destroying the phone to its current state.

NC also had a torch on his person, which Atticus also picked up and smashed on the ground. They then got back into the car and left the scene. Sgt Nichols returned to NC’s residence and notified his mother of what had happened. Deputy Priebe heard the issued ATL and located the vehicle, where he conducted a traffic stop at approximately 500 West Main Street in Duchesne City.

Upon being interviewed, Atticus, who was the driver, denied all allegations and initially said he wasn't with anyone. One of the passengers, CJ, said he wanted to be honest and acknowledged that they were all together. When Sgt Nichols arrived, Atticus admitted that he was with the other identified juveniles and gave a different story. Atticus then said he was with NC for an unknown time but had picked him up at his residence.

He said they were driving around listening to music when NC lit a cigarette. Atticus told him to put it out, but he refused, so Atticus pulled over and told him to get out. Atticus indicated that NC got out and he drove off. When I asked how NC received his injuries and broke his phone, Atticus suggested that NC had some kind of issue where he hurt himself regularly, though not intentionally.

Nichols observed redness on Atticus' right knuckles, which stated he was right-handed. JC gave a similar story about the cigarettes, but when they pulled over, he said NC was told to get out, but he didn't, so JC pushed him out of the vehicle, indicating he was sitting side by side with NC. JC denied any physical altercation and said NC was wearing a hoodie, so he couldn't tell if NC was already injured and claimed he didn't know how NC received his injuries.

JC also said that NC must have dropped his phone while exiting the vehicle. JC's hands had some scabbing on the knuckles, which he said he obtained playing football earlier in the day. However, one of the scabs on his left hand was open and appeared to have recently been bleeding.

A third occupant in the vehicle, a juvenile female, also led with the story of NC lighting a cigarette in the vehicle but stated that Atticus had gotten out of the vehicle and pulled NC out by force, grabbing him by the arm. JC also got out of the vehicle and tried to get Atticus to calm down. The female claimed she saw no further altercation and looked away from whatever happened.

Based on the above testimonies and evidence observed, it did appear to me that Atticus Isbell did plan and execute a plot to convince NC to get into his vehicle, drive him away from his residence, and enlist JC, who was a juvenile, to help him assault NC, who was also a juvenile. It also appeared that Atticus was responsible for the destruction of NC's phone and torch, which value exceeded $1300. Because of these facts, Sgt Nichols informed Atticus he was under arrest, took him into custody, and transported him to the Duchesne County Jail, where he was charged with assault, a class B misdemeanor, criminal mischief, a class A misdemeanor, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a class B misdemeanor.

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11 ott 2023

Didn’t even spell his name right. Went from CJ to JC the whole time. I’d like to see where you site your evidence.

Mi piace
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