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911 Receives A Call Saying A Male Pulled A Gun On Her Child


Myton, Ut.— On March 10th, 2024, Duchesne Co Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to a residence on Main St to a brandishing call stating a male had pulled a gun on her child.

Her husband, 41-year-old Matthew Shane Tuinman, then went to the home to confront the male. Matthew punched the door, causing damage to the door and frame. The male victim stated Matthew threatened to kill him when trying to break through the door. While Matthew was trying to get in, the victim was trying to keep the door closed and lock it, but Matthew kept pressure on it.

A search warrant was conducted while Deputy Cox was investigating the brandishing incident. Deputy Cox could not find any evidence of the described weapon.

3/11/24 Deputy Cox met with Matthew at the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office. Matthew stated that his son came home saying that his neighbor threw a basketball at him about an hour before the 911 call. He said he understood his son was probably doing something he shouldn’t have been.

Matthew stated his son told him they were going to the store, and they came back home saying the neighbor pulled a gun on them. Matthew got angry and decided to go over and talk to the neighbor because he pulled a gun on a 15-year-old. He said he was mad but was trying to calm down to find out why he did this.

Matthew said when he went next door, his neighbor came out of the house with a revolver and watched him pull the hammer back, then saw the bullet spin in the gun.

Matthew said his neighbor told him he was going to shoot him. His neighbor then shut the door on him, and Matthew said he began pounding on the door.

The neighbor/victim opened the door, and Matthew said, "Are you going to keep talking to kids like that, or do you need to come out and get your ass kicked by a man." Matthew stated his wife then showed up and told him to get away from the house, and she called the police.

Deputy Cox advised Matthew that Capt Hargais was putting a probation hold on him and that he was going to jail today. Matthew became angry and put his hands behind his back. He was then walked inside the Duchesne County Jail.

The victim states the damage for labor and repairs is estimated at around 1,000 dollars.

Matthew is also being charged with criminal mischief for damaging the victim's door and threat of violence due to the victim stating Matthew threatened his life and him making threatening statements with a show of force when beating on the door.


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