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A Duchesne County Man Arrested For Firing Upwards of 15 Rounds Toward Two Individuals


| Duchesne Co. | April 17th, 2024 |

Deputy Cox took a report of an aggravated assault with a weapon where the victim reported that the suspect had fired at one of them from the Pender Ranch. The two individuals were moving a vehicle in front of the suspect's property when he allegedly fired upwards of 15 rounds from the garage area.

The victim believed it was an AR-15 based on the sound of the weapon. One of the victims stated he could hear the bullets "whiz" past his head and could hear the suspect yelling things at them. The victim also reported that the suspect went through his RV, destroyed the compartments, and stole some items, such as tools and jumper cables.

Deputy Cox went to the suspect's residence, identified as 28-year-old David John Dudleston, to attempt to contact him, but he was only able to speak with him by phone.

While the deputy was on the property, he found 16 spent .223 casings near the garage, as reported. David refused to meet with the deputy due to him being reported as intoxicated, as well as the nighttime circumstances. It was decided to come back during the day for safety reasons.

Later in the afternoon, Deputy Cox started receiving text messages from the victim saying David was sending him threatening messages. He also sent the deputy strange text messages.

Because of the messages sent to the victim, Deputy Cox felt there was an immediate danger to them.

A search warrant was submitted and approved for David’s property on Strawberry Road.

Deputy Cox and several other deputies went to the property, and when they arrived at the entrance, David was sitting in his vehicle. Davis was immediately removed from the vehicle and placed into handcuffs.

Deputy Cox tried to speak with David, but he was irate and argumentative. When attempting to read his Miranda Rights, he continued to yell over the deputy and refused to get inside the patrol vehicle without being pushed inside to close the door.

The deputies moved in to clear the property, and no other persons were found on it.

During the search, deputies entered the second home where David was said to be living and cleared that property.

After sitting in the back of the patrol vehicle for a while, David calmed down, and Deputy Cox was able to read his Miranda Rights and ask him to tell his side of the story.

David stated that he believed that the victim was stealing from him and that he went through the victim's RV when it was on the road and found things that were stolen, such as tools and jumper cables. These are the same items the victim claimed were stolen from him.

David asked if he could just give back the cables and tools to the victim. He proceeded to say an issue came up where the victim had done something that broke down his front-end loader. He stated that the victim was yelling at him when he was leaving and that he better not fall asleep.

David then stated he walked over to his house and lit off a firework and that the victim was probably going to claim he was shooting at him, so he left the property and drove to Park City, then returned this morning.

Deputy Cox asked why there were spent .223 casings near the garage where the victim reported where the shooting came from. David stated he wasn’t shooting at them and would never use a gun against someone, and he would take care of issues another way.

He then changed his story to say he and the victim were both shooting an AR-15 next to the garage the other day, and the rounds would have boot prints from being walked on. The deputies found no boot prints on any of the casings, and they appeared to be new spent casings.

David Dudleston was transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked for two counts of aggravated assault using a deadly weapon and discharge of a firearm at a highway at two people, theft for stealing tools and cables, criminal mischief for damage to the RV while stealing the items.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.

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