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911 Gets A Call Of A Pickup Chasing A Car In Duchesne County


Duchesne County, Ut.— On March 7th, 2024, at 12:30 pm, Cpl Nichols got the call for a reckless driver. A white pickup was chasing an older brown passenger car near 18750 West 5000 South in Duchesne County.

Dispatch soon advised that the two vehicles had collided, and both parties were leaving the scene. Deputies responded to a nearby residence and made contact with the driver, 67-year-old Terry Glen Thayn, who was sitting in the driver's seat.

Terry reported he had gone to a friend's house, whom he said he didn't know the name of. There, he spoke to his nameless friend, who is a female, about $20 that she owed him. Terry stated she told him she didn't have it, so he left the residence in his vehicle.

Terry insisted that nothing else happened at the residence. Upon leaving, he was chased by a male in a white Dodge pickup. The pickup began to ram his car from behind, pushing his vehicle off the road several times.

Terry kept trying to keep his car on the road, but he suffered several collisions from the Dodge. When making it back to his residence, the male in the Dodge got out and assaulted Terry, knocking his glasses off causing them to break.

Cpl Nichols observed several fresh dents on Terry's car on the rear passenger side and on the front of the vehicle, consistent with two vehicles colliding with each other.

The deputies located the residence of the driver of the white Dodge. The pickup was damaged to the rear right panel and the front of the vehicle, which was also consistent with multiple collisions.

The female acknowledged she owed Terry the $20 but told him she didn't have it. This was after Terry had come onto the property, entered her home without permission, and demanded that she pay him. The woman took out her phone to call her bank to prove to Terry that she didn't have the money when Terry tried to take her phone from her.

Terry punched her twice in the chest and shoved her, knocking her down onto a table. The female had a fresh bruise on her right forearm and had a pacemaker installed about six weeks ago.

During the altercation, Terry overpowered the female and took her phone, telling her that the phone was his until she could pay him. Terry then left the residence, and the female went outside to call out to her landlord, who lives on the same property.

The landlord told Cpl Nichols that Terry was never to come back to his property about a year ago, which effectively trespassed him from the property. The landlord admitted to chasing after Terry in his white Dodge. He stated that he pulled in front of Terry to block him in, got out, and confronted Terry, demanding he return the female's phone.

Terry began to back up, turning his vehicle. He hit the male with the front end of his car, knocking him down to the ground. Terry then rammed the right rear side of the Dodge, driving past the male and his white Dodge. The male scrambled to get up, get back inside his truck, and chase after Terry, ramming the back end of Terry's car.

The male followed Terry back to his residence. Terry got out and went toward the pickup. The male stated he put Terry on the ground, which caused his phone and the phone Terry had stolen to fall to the ground. The male said he gathered the phones, returned to his truck, and left the scene.

The deputies returned to Terry's home to follow up on what else had occurred, asking about the phone. Only then did Terry acknowledge anything concerning the phone.

Terry stated that the female offered the phone to him as collateral. He also admitted that he had been trespassed from the property but claimed the landlord "Let it go," though he wouldn't explain how he did that.

When Terry's information was checked, it was found that he was required to have an interlock ignition device on his vehicle, which he admitted he had not done. Terry's driver's license was suspended, his vehicle registration was revoked, and his vehicle wasn't insured.

Terry Thayn was arrested and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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