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61-year-old man overdoses on meth, V.P.D. Officer saves his life

Updated: Jul 1


Vernal, Ut.- On Friday, 9/1/23, Officer White responded to a male who suspected a drug overdose of an individual, later identified as 61-year-old Anthony Roland Olejniczak.

The caller stated there was a 61-year-old male in the 5th wheel camper behind a wood shop located at approximately 475 South 500 East. The caller also stated the man, Anthony, was unconscious and not breathing and had overdosed on methamphetamine.

Officer White arrived on the scene and was directed to the camper. The fiberglass camper's door was facing South, and Officer White conducted a records search of the trailer through central dispatch, and it was confirmed that it belonged to Anthony Olejniczak.

Officer White entered the camper and saw to his left, and at the rear of the camper, there was a man who appeared to be unconscious and not alert. Anthony was sitting on the floor slumped over, and there had been a female located directly behind him who had been holding him up. The Officer also observed a syringe lying on the floor next to Anthony.

Officer White administered one dose of Narcan to Anthony's left nostril, and he regained consciousness shortly after that. Anthony was then treated by the medical staff on the scene at the time.

Once outside, Officer White spoke with Anthony, who refused to provide any identifying information and was later identified through a records search of a recent incident in which the Officer had recognized Anthony as having been involved.

It was decided by medical staff that Anthony would be transported to the hospital for evaluation. Anthony requested that he be allowed back into his camper to get his keys to lock the door. Anthony was allowed to get his keys with an Officer for safety concerns.

Officer White followed Anthony into the camper to observe his actions while they were inside. While waiting for Anthony to get his keys, Officer White saw a small round tube that appeared to have been made out of tinfoil to smoke marijuana out of.

Officer White tested the substance in the syringe using a Nartec, Inc. Field testing kit to detect heroin and other opioids. The test turned a light green when the Officer applied the suspected drugs, indicating that it likely contained heroin or other opioids.

Officer White later returned and contacted one of the individuals who also resided at that location. That individual had been in the camper just before Officer White contacted him and called out to speak with the Officer outside of the camper.

Meth Pipe

He agreed to do so, and while speaking with him, he produced a clear glass pipe with a circular bulb on the end, which he had pulled from one of his pockets. The pipe contained a burnt residue, and due to the Officer's training, he recognized the pipe used to smoke methamphetamine. The man stated that he had taken it from inside the camper because he didn't want Anthony to get in trouble for having it.

A search warrant was applied for and granted to search Anthony's trailer. Law enforcement seized several boxes of syringes, a silver spoon containing heroin residue, a soda can that was modified to include heroin in the bottom of it as well as holding a small cotton ball and residue, a mirror with meth on it, tinfoil containing burnt residue consistent with being used to heat pills, a scale, three tooter straws, and a small purple baggie that contained a white powdery substance.

Anthony was later apprehended as he was attempting to leave the hospital. He was then transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of:

-Possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance (Methamphetamine) for having been in possession of methamphetamine pursuant to U.C.A. 58-37-8 and

-Possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance (Heroine) for having possessed heroine pursuant to U.C.A. 58-37-8 and

-Possession of marijuana for having been in possession of marijuana pursuant to U.C.A. 58-37-8 and

-Failure to disclose identity for having, during the time that he was lawfully subjected to a stop, a peace officer demanded that he disclose his name and date of birth and has failed or refused to provide that information pursuant to U.C.A. 76-8-301.5, and

-Possession of drug paraphernalia for having used or possessed with the intent to use drug paraphernalia to convert, process, prepare, pack, repack, store, contain, conceal, inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce a controlled substance into the human body pursuant to U.C.A. 58-37A-5.

US drug overdose deaths top 109,000 in the past year

By Nandhini Srinivasan and Khushi Mandowara

June 14, 2023 1:07 PM MDT


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