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Woman arrested for child endangerment

By Travis Uresk


Naples, Ut. 9/30/23,

Officer Cox was sitting stationary at about 1000 South 1500 East in Naples City when an SUV driving North passed the Officer. He ran the registration number, which came back revoked. Officer Cox initiated a traffic stop, and the vehicle stopped around 1300 East 500 South.

Officer Cox approached the vehicle and requested the driver's license and proof of insurance. The driver was moving all over and couldn't find her license. She stated that she may not have insurance on her vehicle. It appeared that the driver was identified as 49-year-old Bonnie Loy Stoumbaugh. She had burnt lips, possibly from illegal drug use. Officer Cox returned to his patrol vehicle and ran Bonnie's information, which returned a status of suspended for no insurance.

Officer Cox returned to speak with Bonnie and had her exit her vehicle. He asked Bonnie if she was aware of her license status, to which she stated that she wasn't. Bonnie was asked about any recent drug use. She claimed she hadn't used drugs since April of this year.

Cox asked for consent to search her vehicle, and she gave the Officer permission but then wanted the Officer to know that her 17-year-old daughter was inside the car and had marijuana.

Bonnie stated that her daughter is currently staying with someone else, and they have temporary custody. She said that her daughter isn't allowed to have marijuana at the house, so she keeps it on her property. Bonnie said her daughter has anxiety and uses it to calm down and stated that her daughter's probation Officer and the judge are aware of it.

Deputy Cox asked Bonnie if they had a medical marijuana card for her. Bonnie replied they did not. Bonnie said they kept her marijuana in a box in the vehicle.

Cox had the daughter exit the vehicle and asked if the statements were true that she had marijuana. She replied it was and handed Cox a plastic pipe with a brown substance consistent with marijuana that was in a grocery bag below her feet. She went toward Bonnie and then returned to Officer Cox with a small vile of marijuana.

Bonnie then advised Officer Cox that she did have some drug paraphernalia for math in her purse. In Bonnie's purse, in a side pocket, was a glass meth pipe with burnt and white residue consistent with meth. There were also several straw items with meth residue on them. An empty cigarette pack contained another straw item and a small glass vile with meth residue.

Bonnie had a family member come and pick up her daughter. Bonnie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia for the items used to facilitate the use and containment of the illegal substances, child endangerment for storing and allowing a child under the age of 18 to use an illegal schedule 1 controlled substance, marijuana, driving on a suspended license and operating a vehicle on revoked registration. Bonnie was then booked into the Uintah County Jail.

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