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VPD Catch A Man Involved In The Sales Of Fentanyl

By Travis Uresk



Vernal, Ut.


Sgt Gledhill observed a vehicle traveling North on 300 West with the front windshield visibly smashed. Gledhill began to follow the vehicle. At 300 West and 200 North intersections, the driver made a right turn without using a turn signal.

A traffic stop was conducted at 200 West and 200 North intersections. Upon approaching the vehicle, the driver was identified as 34-year-old Joshua Glen Cowley.

Due to Sgt Gledhill’s assignment with the Uintah Basin Narcotic Strike Force, he was aware of recent intelligence indicating Joshua was actively involved in the sales of Fentanyl pills.

Gledhill requested the presence of a K9 unit to respond to their location, and VPD Cpl Randall arrived on scene and deployed his K9 to conduct an exterior search of the vehicle. The K9 showed a positive indication of illegal narcotics, which established probable cause for a search of the vehicle.

Joshua was asked to exit the vehicle, and a search was conducted. A magnetic box under the steering wheel was located, which contained tooters and a canister with Fentanyl pills.

Joshua was arrested and read his Miranda Rights, and when asked about the box's contents, Joshua acknowledged that his fingerprints would likely be on it. Joshua declined to answer any further questions.

The passenger admitted that he intended to purchase a Fentanyl pill from Joshua for $20. He further revealed that Joshua had picked him up at a store. The passenger provided the Officers with his cell phone, showing a recent phone call between himself and Joshua, which he claimed pertained to the sale of Fentanyl.

Suboxone Strips were located in the center console. When questioned about these strips, Joshua claimed they were prescribed to him, although he couldn’t produce evidence of a valid prescription.

Joshua was transported to the Uintah County Jail and booked. Due to Joshua's prior distribution convictions, the possession with intent to distribute charge was enhanced to a 1st Degree Felony.


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